Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block 2nd Balloting and Map Announcement

Park View City has revealed an exciting update with its valued customers. In the upcoming month, the management will conduct the park View City Islamabad Overseas Block 2nd balloting and unveil its map. In addition to that, Park View City Islamabad’s priority members will be given possession.

Park View City is growing quickly and keeping all of its commitments to investors and customers. In this regard, Park View City management has announced the Overseas Block map unveiling and second balloting in an upcoming major event scheduled on November 5, 2022.

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According to Park View City authorities, the Overseas Block members made many requests for this second balloting to take place. Mostly as a result of missed installments, many members missed the first balloting in August. Therefore, society is now offering such members a second chance.

The Key Benefits for Priority Members

Priority members are those who have completed or will complete the full payment on their plots by November 5, 2022. The 1000 priority members will receive a special perk from Park View City as they’re having their plots balloted first. In addition to that, six months following the election, society will transfer possessions to these Participants.

The two components of this planned event are as follows:

  • Overseas Block’s long-awaited map will finally be made public.
  • There will be second balloting for the Overseas Block.

Rules and Regulations

The following requirement must be met in order to participate in this balloting:

  • Members who wish to have their non-balloted plot included in this event must pay at least 50% of their outstanding dues.
  • The deadline for 100% payment for those who want to be added to the priority members list is November 5. They will be incorporated into the first 1000 plots’ balloting in this manner.
  • The 50% remaining dues must be submitted by October 31, 2022.