When is a good time to buy a house?

Are you on the lookout for buying a house but have doubts about making a huge real estate investment or you are wondering if it’s a good time to buy a house or invest in the luxury real estate market? How about you change the question and ask yourself: Am I ready to invest for my future security yet or not?

For any new endeavor or major investment, the first and foremost thing to have is willpower. The firm resolution, strong grit and having your mind strictly set on your goal is going to get what you want.

Now, we are not saying that a firm decision and single-mindedness is all that you require towards making such a commodious decision, most certainly you have to consider the economic pointers of the real estate market for the time when you are considering to invest as well as your future plans, other goals, current financial standing and status of savings for the next few years. But the willingness to own a house and being able to fulfil all the responsibility associated with it aptly is what plays the most essential role in helping to clear all your doubts regarding making such a huge decision.

To make the decision easier for you here is a list of things you must consider:

Factors that show mental willingness

Financial security

Financial security defines your ability and timing to buy a house. Nowadays, with so many options available to facilitate the process of procuring real estate properties such as installment based convenient payment plans including Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City, Park View City, etc. it is not so hard to arrange the required investment.

Job security

Plan on buying a new house or real estate property while your employment status is yet stable. Not having a secure and stable source of income is itself a mentally strenuous time. On top of that if you burden yourself with the stress of such a major decision things are most definitely bound to fall apart for you. Not only financially it could be a hassle but mentally it will be very taxing as well.

Always focus on one major thing in life at a time. Diversification is important only when you are in the position to do it. 

Nonetheless, if you have stable source of income / job security, now is the good time to buy a house if you can or at least start investing small amounts of money in

installments based plots.

Personal goals

We all have some personal goals and a smart person would always set a timeline to start working on each goal. A responsible person would not only plan out things but also make mitigation plans for each possible problem beforehand. For instance, Planning to buy a house will let you save rentals in the future. If you cannot afford to buy a house, start planning to save small amounts of money to invest in installment based luxury real estate.

Include real estate investment in your personal goals for comfortable living and earning in future.

However, there is no need to rush. If you’re planning on starting a new family and want to make huge investments then this could be a wrong decision too. As a new addition to the family would require a massive part of your salaries and savings already. So the key here is to take your time, plan out these matters and then make an informed decision.

The above list helps us decide if you are mentally on that stage of life where you are ready to buy a house or invest in luxury real estate?

Now the below-discussed points would help us acknowledge what are the pros and cons of investing in housing considering the state of the market? How to make an informed decision regarding what time is the best to invest in luxury real estate considering the state of the market? Is it a good idea to invest in an expensive area where the prices are constantly rising?

What is a Luxury Real Estate?

A major query that should be considered first is that what is an expensive real estate property that deserves to qualify as a luxury? that deserves to be bought paying a hefty amount?

Several factors apply when we are considering if a real estate property is luxurious or not.

  • Infrastructure or material used in construction
  • Prime location
  • Neighborhood
  • Extra Amenities besides the basic facilities
  • Negligible crime rate

If a real estate property satisfies the criteria of all of the above mentioned factors then it qualifies as a luxurious real estate property and is worth every penny you pay (Following the market rate).

For example, In Pakistan below is the list of 5 of such projects that live up to the expectations of every real estate enthusiast and are considered luxury real estate projects in the light of the above criteria.

  1. Lahore Smart City
  2. Capital Smart City
  3. DHA Multan
  4. Park View City
  5. Top City

If you are a real estate investor in Pakistan, you can invest in the above projects without any doubt.

Pros and Cons of Investing in a Luxury Real Estate Market

Now, what exactly are the benefits of investing in a market where the prices are continuously rising?

The real estate market has been trying to facilitate the buyers to increase their target market. With major cities all around the globe in constant competition to increase the value of the real estate property being able to provide better than all their competitors, there has been an obvious hike in the real estate prices.

While investing in real estate people mostly tend to look at the downside, which is a colossal amount leaving your bank account but forget to mention the luxury and comforts that come from them.

Benefits of investing in a Luxury Real Estate

  • Helps in building equity and opulence
  • Future security
  • Has a very affluent rental and resale value
  • Permanent security against inflation (To Know More About Inflation Click Here)
  • More sustainable cashflow (What is Cashflow? Read here)
  • Highly amiable and somewhat exclusive tax benefits

No matter how highly a valuable asset is priced you would always see investors pouring in. The one’s who are aware of the value of a beneficial investment would never consider it overpriced. A good investment always pays off five times more than how much you invested in it. So never hesitate from making a sturdy investment that would secure your future and pay you back by leaps and bounds.

Downsides or Cons of investing in luxury real estate

Other than the pros of investing and benefitting from a luxurious investment, many interested buyers ask about the possible problems that might occur so they could plan out a solution in prior.

It would be a blatant lie if we said that the real estate investments are 100% risk-free and do not put forth any struggles or hassles for a potential buyer to endure. Any major decision could not be completely devoid of any presumable issues, anyone who opposes this is misguiding you for their vested interests or is simply unaware.

We wouldn’t exactly call these problems a downside of investing in real estate but merely some risk factors that one must have to consider and minimize those factors.

Here is a list of problems to expect while you are on the verge of and under the process of making massive investments in the high priced sector of the real estate market.

  • Extremely time-consuming and taxing
  • Needs to be very carefully planned out
  • Localization
  • Major capital investment
  • Investing a considerable time and a certain amount in maintenance
  • Partiality in liquidity (What is Liquidity? Read more)
  • Short and long term liabilities

The above list of risk factors accompanying all the benefits you would reap from your investment might put many people in doubt. There is no need to worry if you carefully analyze all the plausible risks and work on making a mitigation plan in case any of these risks occur.

Mitigation plan for risks (cons)

  • Keep the entire process including every single minor detail on paper. Keeping the process contractual would prevent you from any legal issues that might come your way.
  • Keep your property insurance for every single asset you own. Especially the one’s you rent out.
  • Find a trustworthy real estate attorney for any future legal issues.
  • Strategize not losing most of the liquidity from your rented out assets.

Lastly, buying a house in a high priced area, which is deemed as luxurious real estate as per the market is never a bad deal if you are plan out things strategically and have a mitigation plan sorted for every plausible issue that might occur. This is the sort of investment that eventually pays off several times more than what you invested and comes with innumerable benefits.