Defence Housing Authority Lahore

Defence Housing Society Lahore is a military project, founded by Pakistan Army in 1975. It is a “ Nationally recognized corporate” association that has tried to give a modern and luxurious living style to the individuals of Pakistan.

This housing society gives a chance to live the inventive models of current living. DHA is the modern advancement in the field of urban and community management, it has added magnificence to our urban communities system.

Depending on the factors of necessary urban planning, arrangements, and durability, it has cut out its residential and commercial projects. By presenting current plans in the development of infrastructure and fundamentally related offices it has mixed another life in “Defence Living”, which is wonderfully active, High-spirited, and reasonable.

Their target is to keep the focus on the development of societies with the natural essence of our religious and cultural values and requirements. The vision of this housing project is to make urban living more comfortable, luxurious, friendly, and green.

DHA Lahore is the main top-notch lodging society in Lahore that gives a protected and exclusive quality of living alongside a green and solid climate. It has pulled in Pakistan’s top exclusive class to live and enjoy.

They give exclusive features and Amenities to their investors and that is the reason it holds a unique status for a high class. It is situated at an ideal location for investors.

This housing society is the most affordable and ideal housing project in Lahore. Although other housing societies in Lahore are also following the pattern of the Defence Housing Authority.


DHA is located in an ideal and important area of Lahore City, Punjab Pakistan. It is easily accessible via Lahore Ring Road, Bedian Road, and Bakri Road. Due to its ideal location, Cavalry Ground Lahore is 4Km away from Phase 1.

Also, Cantt View Housing Scheme is around 1.6 km away from Phase 2 and Sui Northern Officer’s Co-operative Housing Society (SNOCHS) Phase 1 is located next to DHA Phase 5.

Road Access

DHA has located Nearby famous places.

  • Nishtar Town is 3 minutes drive away from Phase 3, DHA Lahore.
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport is located at 14 minutes drive away from DHA Phase 6.

The transfer office is at DHA Phase 6. It stands above due to its easy access to the main City. Allama Iqbal Int’l Airport, Cantt Railway station, Lahore Ring Road and Barki Road provide easy access to your destination.

It offers you the Best living and Investment options. However, Investors and stakeholders in Pakistani real estate believe too much that the housing society, which does not offer similar features, attracts buyers and investors.

Early phases 1-5 are almost saturated and phase 6 onward getting developed in accordance with the latest standards. Each phase of DHA is well planned and offers amenities such as mosques, green belts, parks, markets, wide roads and proper garbage disposal equipment.

Developers & Governing Board

Pakistan Army is the Developers of the DHA Lahore Housing Society. DHA is being developed and managed by the Pakistan Army.

  • Lt. General (R) Mian Hilal Hussain is Chairman Of the Society and Secretary Defence in the Ministry of Defence Pakistan.
  • Lt. General Muhammad Abdul Aziz is Voice Chairman of Defence Housing Society.
  • DHA Project Managers includes Brigadier Waheed Gul Satti – Col. Ret Sajid Javed – Re. Bir Ahmad Abbas – Mr Nawabzada Babar Saleem Haider.

Functions of Governing Board

  • General Direction
  • Policy Making
  • Guidelines
  • Governing Rule


Beacon Investment are the proud marketers of the Defence Housing Society Lahore. Indeed, Beacon Investment is one of the top and reliable Real Estate and Marketing Companies of Pakistan.

DHA Lahore Property Booking Details

Following are the steps through which property can be booked in DHA Lahore:

Documents Required For Booking

The booking form is filled properly. It is available on the website

  • Application for reserving a plot
  • 2 Copies of CNIC.
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of next of kin
  • 2 Passport size picture of the applicant
  • Booking fees
  • legal document if you are army person

Payment Method

  • Name of Plot Owner
  • Complete Plot Number – Sector – Phase
  • Payment Reference Number
  • Online fund transfers confirmation receipt / Bank Deposit Slip / Pay orders / Demand Draft
  • Purpose of payment (i.e. Development Charges, Water Sewerage Bill)
  • In case of cash payment through banks, please mention plot number / registration
  • The number on the bank deposit slip for reference.
  • Send Covering letter to the main office DHA Lahore, telling the purpose of the payment
  • Acceptance of the payment shall be issued in due course of time.

Banks For DHA Lahore Payments

DHA Lahore provides facilities for different Banks for the payments of the properties.

  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Bank Al-Habib Limited
  • JS Bank Limited
  • The Bank of Punjab
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Sindh Bank Limited
  • Allied Bank Limited

Amenities & Features

DHA Lahore is offering the most luxurious and Modern Facilities to its investors. The Silent Features of this housing society are Powerful location and nearby Allama Iqbal International Airport. Therefore, this society is ideal and attractive for its investors.

DHA is the most popular society that provides the posh living, high-quality development and best security services to its residents. Although, it is forever the best option to get a protected and safe spot for its investors. They give all modern facilities like green belts, lovely amusement parks, sports complexes, and entertainment facilities to give a healthy environment.

  • 18-Hole Golf Courses
  • Educational Institutions – Public Library
  • Shopping Mall / Commercial Market
  • Signal Free Road
  • Sports Complex / Community Clubs / Horse Riding Clubs
  • Prayer Areas – Mosques – Religious Affairs
  • Green areas – Parks – Horticulture Services
  • Entertainment Places – Cinemas
  • Postal Services
  • Underground Systems of Electricity
  • Underground Infrastructure – Sewerage system
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Fire Brigade Service
  • Transportation System
  • 24 hr Security System – Police headquarters
  • Maintenance Services
  • Graveyard

DHA Lahore Horticulture Services

Some Horticulture services provide by DHA Lahore are:

  • Develop Parks / Sports Ground.
  • Develop green areas in DHA.
  • Landscaping.
  • Installation of garden lights.
  • Plantation of Green Area.

DHA Lahore Parks

Some famous parks in DHA Lahore are:

  • Public Park Sector ‘J’, Phase V
  • Public Park Sector ‘B’, Phase V
  • Ghazi Chowk, Phase I
  • Main Boulevard, Phase VI

DHA Lahore Maintenance Services

DHA provides best Maintenance services, which undertakes repair and maintenance of the following:-

  • Street Lights.
  • Water filtration plants.
  • Pumps and sprinklers in DHA Parks.
  • Underground Electrification.
  • Storm Water Drainage System.
  • Road Marking.
  • Tube Wells.
  • DHA Mosques.

DHA Educational Institutes

DHA provides the best educational services and Academic Excellence in this housing society. Due to the efforts of their skilled teaching and non teaching staff , these institutions are setting achievements in their respective department.

It is a learning local area where accomplishments are praised to give inspiration and support. Our fundamental beliefs empower all understudies to build up the abilities expected to flourish in an always changing worldwide world. Some institutions in DHA are mentioned below:

  • Defence Degree College for Women
  • Defence Degree College for Boys
  • DHA Senior School for Girls
  • DHA Senior School for Boys
  • DHA Junior Campus T – Block
  • DHA Junior Campus Z – Block
  • DHA Kindergarten


DHA Lahore Phase 1

DHA Lahore Phase 1 is located at an ideal location, as it connects its occupants to Defence Chowk, Jinnah Flyover, RA Bazar, Nishat Colony etc. It also connects with other Phases of DHA Lahore like Dha Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 5. Subsequently , it is viewed as the most flexible living region of DHA Lahore.

DHA Lahore Phase 1 is divided into various sectors i.e A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P. These sectors are already developed and grown totally and each sector has its Features & Amenities.

DHA Lahore Phase 2

DHA Lahore Phase 2 Is located at the most prime location with all the facilities. This Phase is Located nearby Main Boulevard DHA Lahore, Phase 2 front side connects with Ghazi Road which is also called Airport Road.

DHA Lahore Phase 2 is based on 6 Developed sectors like , Q, R, S, T, U, V. Every sector has its own park and Mosque. This Phase Also providing commercial facilities like CCA in Block T and Hailey Tower at Lalak Jan Chowk are enough to meet the needs of the people.

However, this Phase 2 Block T also contains Branded outlets, Banks, Restaurants, Salons and corporate offices to provide best services in this area.

DHA Lahore Phase 3

DHA Lahore Phase 3 is famous for its ultra-modern living style. Phase 3 is located on two main roads, Walton Road and Ferozpur Road which makes it an ideal area for investors. However, this phase is divided into various Blocks like, W, X, XX, Y, Z.

DHA Phase 3 provides amazing facilities to its residents. There are 7 Parks, wide roads, lush green areas, Branded Outlets, Commercial Markets in sector Y & Z and many other facilities in this phase for its people.

Because of its area and ultra present-day expectations for everyday comforts, DHA phase 3 is viewed as the top period of DHA Lahore for private and business purposes.

DHA Lahore Phase 4

DHA Lahore Phase 4 is a local location that gives a lavish lifestyle to its occupants. It provides a quality living standard to its residents. It connects with Defence Road, Ring Road and Phase 5, to make traveling more convenient for the people. DHA Phase 5 is divided into different sectors, i.e, AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, JJ.

Every sector is filled with its own Amenities & Features like Mosques, Parks and Commercial Markets. DHA Phase 4 Lahore offers the best opportunity to invest in the resident and business sectors. While providing all facilities, the Authority makes sure that the residents are living their best life in this area.

DHA Lahore Phase 5

DHA Lahore Phase 5 is an excellent first-class place, just like Phase 3. It is situated at the most main location, which is nearby Ring Road, Bedian Road and Nawaz Sharif Interchange, joined from the eastern side. LUMS University Lahore is also connected from the northern side of DHA Phase 5.

However, This Phase 5 is observed as a high-quality luxurious residential project due to its ideal location and modern living standard. It Offers High End Luxurious Apartments, Penta Square, Shopping Malls and Central Commercial areas in DHA Lahore.

DHA Phase 5 is divided into different sectors like, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L & M. This Phase 5 is the greatest opportunity for the right investment and for the safe future growth.

DHA Lahore Phase 6

While investing in DHA Phase 6, it will give you profitable returns on a yearly basis, as there is a consistent expansion in the prices of commercial and residential plots. However, investment in Phase 6 is only considered for residential plots with possession.

The Commercial area near Main Boulevards provides eye-catching views in this Phase Overall we can say that DHA The Commercial area near Main Boulevards provides eye catching views in this Phase. Overall we can say that DHA Phase 6 Lahore provides the best opportunity for profitable and long-term investment.

DHA Lahore Phase 7

In DHA Phase 7, each plot or area that has given possession is observed to provide an uprise in prices. But according to the Real Estate market analysis, there is no rise in prices of commercial plots DHA Phase 7 Lahore.

Generally, In DHA Phase 7, investment in the first sector is not a good idea, but this Phase 7 is attractive for short term investment only.

DHA Lahore Phase 8

In DHA Lahore Phase 8, residential plots have no remarkable shift in worth but in commercial plots, there’s been a considerable decrease in prices. This can be a great chance to invest in DHA Phase 8. This can bring huge development in the phase, while investment in commercial plots is also profitable.

In Phase 8, Block Z is a satisfying option for the investors but the worth is very minimum. This investment can rejoin you with a fine benefit in 1 or 2 years. This block is a great opportunity for the long term investment sector Z6, Z5 and commercial area at Z4.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 – Prism

DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism is an awesome place to invest and to earn a great profit. This phase is an ideal choice and a great opportunity to release interest in DHA Lahore properties. This phase is going to provide profitable returns to its investors after some time.

In DHA Phase 9 Prism, Commercial properties are not really attractive as it will expect 6 to 7 years time to grow and develop However 9 Prism is a great opportunity for short term residential Properties and attractive for long term develop. However, 9 Prism is a great opportunity for short term residential Properties and attractive for long term commercial properties.

DHA Lahore Phase 9 – Town

DHA Phase Town is located at an ideal place and a great opportunity for profitable return investment and to purchase a residential property. This is the best time to invest in DHA Phase 9 Town. It is strongly suggested to invest in this phase as it is an excellent choice for living and earn more profit.

To Purchase in Phase 9 town has highly preferred since it’s the ideal opportunity to produce the absolute best venture from this society. The cost of property in DHA Lahore Phase 9 town is going high and high by the time.

Why Invest In DHA Lahore?

DHA is one of the world-class luxurious housing societies in Pakistan. DHA is a famous name in the Real Estate Industry. It is an ideal Housing Society for a safe and secure investment, that gives a profitable return in the future.

DHA offers modern living to its residents, which represents the state of Art Infrastructure and world-class Amenities. This housing venture Provides high-level security 24/7 with CCTV Cameras. DHA is located at an ideal location of Lahore & effectively open from all significant zones of Lahore.

All nearby places include Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Golf clubs, Parks, Gym, Wide Roads, etc. People will enjoy living in a pleasant atmosphere and a rich green area of DHA.

In DHA, the investment options in Phases are different from each other. The First 4 Phases are already developed and constructed. The prices are really high in these phases to buy a property, but there are chances to invest in other phases of DHA to enjoy high standard living.

Development Updates – DHA

  • The groundbreaking ceremony of DHA owned 132 KV GIS Grid Station, Sector-A, Phase 6, 31 December 2020.
  • The groundbreaking ceremony of McDonald’s DHA Phase XI (Rahbar), 29 December 2020.
  • DHA Phase XI (Rahbar) Sector 1 – Sector shops available for Retail. Interested parties can register EOI by 21 January 2021.
  • Ballot Results Announced – Overseas Enclave Phase VII, I Kanal Residential Plots, 4/8 Marla Commercial Plots Available on 3 year easy installments
  • Now, DHA provides Facilities to its Residents of the Online Duplicate Water / Sewerage Bill for timely payment.
  • DHA Phase 9 Prism is under development and infrastructure work is under progress.
  • IVY GREEN(Sec-Z Phase VIII ) is under construction.
  • Development work of Houses and Commercial Plaza is in progress in DHA Phase VI.
  • DHA Phase VIII, Sector Q, R, S, T, U are completed. Sectors P, V, W, X, Y, Z are under development progress.
  • DHA Phase 9 is in its starting stages. Infrastructural work ( Town planning) is in progress. Halloki Garden is also completed in Phase 9.
  • In DHA, Mazyood Giga Mall is a multi-purpose Mall. The structure of the Mall is beautifully designed and this mall is a commercial Hub in Lahore. This mall offers many branded outlets and restaurants for the residents of DHA.

Current Projects – DHA Lahore

  • DHA New Office Complex – DHA Phase IV
  • City School Alpha Campus – Phase VI
  • Lahore Grammar School – Phase VIII
  • Teach A Child School – DHA Phase V
  • Rising Sun Institute For Special Children’s – DHA Phase III
  • Lahore Garrison University – DHA Phase VIBeaconhouse Newlands – DHA Phase VI
  • Sector Mosque – DHA Phase VI
  • Community Club – DHA Phase VI
  • Sports Complex – DHA Phase VI
  • Swimming Pool – DHA Phase III
  • Nirvana Health Center & Spa – DHA Phase V
  • Shapes Health Club – DHA Phase V

Future Projects – DHA Lahore

DHA future projects include:

  • DRGCC i.e Defence Raya Golf & Country Club, a joint housing project DHA & BRDB Malaysia to build a township.
  • IVY GREEN(Sec-Z Phase VIII )
  • Phase 9 Prism
  • DHA Penta Square Phase 5 – Luxury Apartments & Shopping Mall
  • DHA Business Hub At Commercial Broadway Phase-VIII, DHA
  • DHA has signed an agreement with Life Developers For the Construction of its new project “ State of the Art Residential Apartments, sector Q Phase II.
  • EX Air Avenue – DHA Phase VIII
  • DHA has signed an agreement with M/S Value Associates for the Project of 5 Marla Smart Homes in DHA Phase XII (EX-EME).
  • Green View Executive Apartments – DHA has signed an agreement with “Value Associates” for the Development of “Green View Apartments”, in Phase 5 Sector – G.

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