Beacon One

Beacon One is a promising real estate development project, in Bahria Paradise Islamabad, which offers the best real estate investment opportunities and the highest standard of work-spaces to the end-users. This purpose-built project, Beacon One, offers dual property types that are: Commercial Shops and Corporate Offices.

A Sophisticated Place for All Your Commercial and Official Matters.

Why Beacon One? Secure and Most Affordable Investment Option In The Upcoming Fast-Growing Commercial Zone of Bahria Town Islamabad. Beacon One is nearing its completion and possession is imminent. The Corporate Floors are available For Rent! If you’re interested, scroll down and contact out representative for details!


An exemplary tower redefining standards of work spaces in Pakistan.


Provide companies with ideal working space for quality operations and enhanced business growth.


Beacon One has become an ideal commercial real estate investment opportunity in Islamabad due to its location in Bahria Paradise Commercial. Bahria Paradise Commercial is a highly demanded and accessible location for corporate and commercial projects. Besides, it is becoming a huge commercial hub of Twin-Cities as a large number of commercial projects have started simultaneously.

Are you looking for a CDA Approved commercial real estate investment in Islamabad? Bahria Paradise comes under the jurisdiction of CDA.

Beacon One is located at the Entrance of Bahria Paradise Commercial, Street 08, Plot Number 18. So, few kilometers away to the following famous landmarks:

  • Main Civic Centre is accessible within 3 kilometers
  • Access to Main GT Road: less than 1 kilometer
  • National Logistic Centre (NLC): less than 1 kilometer
Beacon One Location on map in Bahria paradise


As one of the leading real estate agencies of Islamabad, Beacon Investment is dealing with more than 2000 clients worldwide owing to its commitment to integrity and unmatched customer service.

With its head office in Islamabad, Beacon Investment also has offices in Lahore and Multan.

Our team of dedicated employees and salespersons has always been a strength in our achievements.

Moreover, Beacon Investment has proved itself as a developer in the real estate industry with the successful delivery of its first development project, Beacon One.

With the same commitment to excellence, Beacon Investment has now brought “Beacon 2” which is under construction in Bahria Paradise Commercial Islamabad.

See Details: BEACON 2

Property Types

Commercial Shops

The Lower Ground and Ground floors reserves for commercial shops. The ground floor has four front-facing shops. The lower ground floor has three shops, two of which face the front.

The plots are 30′ x 40′ in size with front and back opening. These commercial shops are ready to be rented out to branded food chains or restaurants. Therefore, it will become a lucrative real estate investment by giving high rental benefits to the investors.

Franchise Space One – Lower Ground

The lower ground floor has been divided into five selling shops starting from 144 sqft to 169 sqft. However, an entire floor is on lease for rental purposes. The investors or owners of selling spaces will get rent according to their share.

Franchise Space Two – Ground Floor

Ground floor has entrance from both sides so, all the shops are front-facing. There are four different shop is ranging from 151 sqft to 186 sqft. Similar to franchise space one, the franchise space two is also reserved for a franchise of a local or international brand, preferably a food chain.

Corporate Offices

The first to the fifth floors are for office space. The office floors have unique designs. So, the entire floor can be rented by a single party for a large office.

Also, the corporate floors granted high-quality material. So, an elegant design to provide a modern office environment.

The furnished office or corporate floors will include the following features:

  • Wooden floor
  • False ceiling
  • Furniture (Desks and chairs)
  • Inverter Air Conditioners (AC)
  • Printer
  • Cabinets
  • Wi-Fi Facility
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet

Corporate Space One & Two – Floor 1 and 2

The delegated corporate offices are on the first and second floors. The floor divides into four offices. However, these floors can also be on rent as a whole for a larger office.

Co-working Space – Floor 3

On the third floor, fully furnished offices will be rented out to freelance workers, startups, and professionals. Specifically for those who require an office but are not ready to invest in a full-fledged office space.

Moreover, renting an office involves some initial investment that includes advance payments, security. Also, investment requires some fixed costs such as office renovation and furniture, etc.

Beacon Space One & Two – Floor 4 and 5

Beacon Property Management and Beacon Investment rent back the top two floors. Similarly, the rent of these floors is in a fully furnished state.

Beacon Property Management will also be handling the tenant management and maintenance of the building. Thus, the occupants of the project should rest assured about excellent services and regular rental income.

Why Invest in Beacon One?

Beacon One has an ideal commercial location and promises to be delivered in 3 years.

It has a competitive edge in the real estate development of Bahria Paradise Commercial.

Following are the reasons:-

  • Good Rental Returns – More Than 7% Annually
  • Offers Additional 9% to 10% Yearly Appreciation
  • Hassle Free Tenant Placement and Eviction – Managed By A
  • Property Management Company
  • Furnished Offices With Installed CCTV Cameras


Beacon One offers sufficient amenities to provide a viable corporate environment. The salient features are as below:

  • High Quality Elevators
  • Stairs
  • WIFI Facility
  • Tile Flooring
  • Kitchen (on each floor)
  • Printers
  • Inverter & Conditioners

Beacon One Updated Payment Plan I Bahria Paradise Commercial Islamabad

Beacon Property Management and Beacon Investment rent back the Beacon One Islamabad have Commercial Floors at the ground and lower ground floor. Eventually, these are for rent out to Multinational Fast Food Chains.

Beacon One Furnished Office Spaces at first to Fifth Floor. The Payment Plan is most affordable with the provision of well-furnished spaces.

So, we have conducted price research for our clients with the commercial buildings in the Paradise Commercial Bahria Town.

It has been observed that on average, the rate per square feet for Beacon One is 16% less than the rate per square feet of other commercial buildings in Bahria Paradise Commercial.

For detailed Beacon One payment plan and further queries, you may contact us directly through Whatsapp.

Construction Update Beacon One

The grey structure of Beacon One has been completed well in advance of the promised time period. Finishing work is currently being done.

A summary of development work achievements is given below:

  • The structure of the building is completed.
  • Glass work and aluminum work for he facade is almost complete.
  • The Ground floor Offices are ready and Beacon Investment has established their office.
  • Kitchen and Entrance on all floors are being developed.
  • MEP work is done on all floors.
  • Paint work is completed.
  • Elevator has arrived, installed and working Alhamdulillah!
  • Tile work is being done right now!

All members are advised to complete their due payments on time to avoid cancellation and delay in possession.

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