LDA Releases Guidelines to Help Prevent Property Frauds

According to a notice that appeared in the national dailies on October 13, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has released a public notice to instruct people on how to go about purchasing real estate and prevent property frauds in housing schemes.

  • To prevent property frauds, the following procedures should be performed while buying land in accordance with the instructions issued:
  • Don’t get taken in by the eloquent marketing strategies or the trustworthy- appearing booking offices.
  • Before purchasing your plot, check the approval status, payment schedule, and other information regarding the housing project.
  • Visit the housing development’s location to confirm that the property was bought in accordance with the records kept by the land revenue agency.
  • Some housing project developers obfuscate information concerning the development fees. Therefore, get all of the payment plan’s information in writing or print.
  • Ask about the availability of and permission status for the public amenities (water, gas, power etc.)
  • Visit the areas of the site that are designated for public facilities, such as parks, schools, hospitals, and mosques on the advertised maps.
  • Find out the date by which the development work in the plan is to be completed and the plots must be in possession. Also, find out whether there are any additional costs associated with obtaining the plots.
  • Use pay orders or bank drafts to pay your fees. Copy of the stamped receipt for these payments should be saved.
  • Identify the main/regional booking offices’ phone numbers and email addresses.

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The following is the official checklist to adhere to when purchasing a plot or house in a private housing scheme in Pakistan:

  • A map or layout plan of the housing project in question that has been approved by the appropriate authority.
  • List all the plots in the scheme in question, broken down by sizes and types.
  • Investors should confirm that the property they wish to purchase is shown on the authorized housing scheme layout map and is located on the purchased land.
  • Investors should determine whether the LDA or any other relevant development authority has a mortgage on their preferred plot.
  • The plots aren’t entirely or even mostly situated on the property used for public services (school, healthcare unit, graveyard, community centre etc.)
  • Verify that the home plan provides the amenities specified in the authorized layout plan.
  • Verify that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) or any other department is not looking into the project.

The public is urged to call the office of the Director of Metropolitan Planning at 0322-

8888283 for more instructions or to submit any concerns in this respect.