DHA Bahawalpur

Bahawalpur City, known as the heart of southern Punjab and hub of the economy, is now of even more value because of the project DHA Bahawalpur. DHA is a very popular real estate developer in Pakistan. It is already providing luxurious and desirable living in different major cities of the country. After projects like DHA Lahore, DHA Karachi, DHA Islamabad and DHA Multan, DHA has initiated another project in southern Punjab, DHA Bahawalpur. Scroll down to know more about DHA Bahawalpur Location, Maps, Payment Plan and plots for sale.

The most prominent feature of this housing project is its location due to the rising position of Southern Punjab and the announcement of South Punjab Secretariat. Chief Minister of Pakistan is committed to give a prominent identity and empowerment to this area. Thereby, it is making Bahawalpur region a future hub of real estate development projects.

It is time for not only the elite class, but middle-class citizens of Pakistan to have a lavish living style. Why? Currently, this housing project is set to be affordable for every economic class in Pakistan.


The location of any society is of uttermost importance in deciding its success rate and future. The location and situation of DHA Bahawalpur are ideal in every aspect. It is linked to three main highways in the city that directly connect this state of the art housing project to the main city, motorway and Bahawalpur Cantt. DHA Bahawalpur location Map is given below.

If you look closer at the map, DHA Bahawalpur is just 5 minutes away from the city’s International Airport, 22 minutes away from Railway station and 20 minutes from N5 GT road, making it easily accessible from all the corners of the city. So the prime location of DHA Bahawalpur is the hallmark of this housing society that makes it more appealing for people not only from Bahawalpur but from across the city.

DHA Bahawalpur Master Plan

The aim is to provide the residents with the best living experience and every possible facility. DHA Bahawalpur Master Plan constitutes of 10 sectors named as Sector A,B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J and N. The developmental process in Sector A, B and C got initiated in 2015 as soon as the project was founded while in sector D and F, developmental and constructional activities started in 2017.

Main Boulevard of the society is approximately 250 feet wide consisting of 10 lanes and it has such a network of roads and highways that make sure that every sector separately gets at least 150 feet wide pathway connected to the society.

The construction in A, B and C sectors is almost at completion while in sectors D and F, it still is in progress.

Property Types

Dha Bahawalpur offers three types of properties which includes residential, commercial and villas property.

Residential Plots Size

  • 5 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
  • 02 Kanal

Commercial Plots Size

  • 02 Marla
  • 04 Marla
  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla

DHA Bahawalpur Villas

Now, you can also buy luxurious villas which are beautifully designed by the top architects that lets residents enjoy their desired living style with full comfort and satisfaction. The construction and development of these villas were started in 2019 and have recently been completed.

DHA Bahawalpur Villas Plot Size

  • 06 Marlas
  • 09 Marlas
  • 12 Marlas
  • 4 Kanals
  • 8 Kanals

DHA Bahawalpur Features & Amenities

DHA Bahawalpur provides all the essential and luxury features for the convenience of residents. Some of the major features are as follows:

  • Allows the existence of diverse communities – Due to its affordable rates every social class has a chance to avail this opportunity of living a deluxe life. However, with time the prices will see a great boost. In order to reap the benefits of investment returns or affordability, early investment is the wisest option.
  • Best sewerage system – One of the salient features of is its best sewerage system and availability of clean drinking water. Given the importance of clean drinking water in our daily lives, management of DHA is ensuring ideal and healthy living environment for its residents.
  • Underground electricity and gas infrastructure – This real estate housing project provides residents with underground gas and electricity infrastructure which is completely set up in sector in A and B. Therefore, residents are going to enjoy gas and electricity 24/7.
  • Efficient security network – The society has a secure closure in the city with high boundary walls and a main gate with a one-way security pass.
  • Convenient stores and their E-access – There will be convenient stores approachable for every resident, those could also be accessed through mobile applications to get anything without having to step outside
  • Health care – Availability of the best hospitals and health institutes within the premises of society is assured. Branches of hospitals like Shaukat khanum memorial trust and CMI are in progress, along with that first-aid services for every resident will be free 24 hours.
  • International level educational institutes – Roots IVY school of international standard is completed while National defense university and NUML University Bahawalpur campus have been founded in DHA Bahawalpur for the residents do not need to look outside the society for best education standard for their kids
  • Sports stadiums – Residents would enjoy cricket stadium, golf club, basketball and football courts and professional shooting clubs
  • Shopping malls – DHA mall of Bahawalpur is also part of the DHA Bahawalpur designed by Ali Arshad Associates. This mall constitutes of a considerable area and it will be of great benefit to the investors and businessmen in the area

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan

DHA Bahawalpur payment plan comprises both residential plots (5, 8, 10 Marla & 1 Kanal) and commercial plots (2 Marla Plots & 5 Marla Plots) forms are available from 17th October till 15th November with 10% downpayment and 3 years of easy installments.

Check out the DHA Bahawalpur Latest Prices in the article by following this link. This article provides a quick snapshot of price ranges of plots available for sale in each sector of DHA Bahawalpur and DHA Bahawalpur Villas.

Payment details:

Sr.#Plot CategoryUnit PriceDownpayment(10%)Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)
15 Marla Residential3,000,0000300,0005,000
28 Marla Residential4,500,000450,00010,000
310 MarlaResidential5,500,000550,00012,000
41 Kanal Residential8,000,000800,00015,000
52 Marla Commercial8,500,000850,00015,000
65 Marla Commercial25,000,0002,500,00025,000
  • Create a demand draft in the name of DHA Bahawalpur
  • Mention following details on the back of the demand draft
  1. Name
  2. Plot reference number
  3. CNIC number
  4. Contact number
  5. Installment number

Why to invest in DHA Bahawalpur?

The government has announced to establish the southern Punjab secretariat in Bahawalpur that will be followed by a huge development in the region in various respects. A budget of around PKR 190 Billion has been allocated for the development projects. Many projects have already been launched or planned by the government. This will give a major boost in the DHA Bahawalpur Prices.

  • Government plans to make around 79 new roads in which 42 km road linking Bahawalpur N5 to Jhangra East Interchange, Hasilpur-Bahawalpur dual carriageway and 40-km long Yazman-Bahawalpur road are most prominent ones.
  • New universities and colleges will be launched along with upgradation of already functional educational institutes for a better future of children.
  • New medical wards have been added in hospitals for better health services and employment opportunities.
  • Providing the residents with low-cost electric power is also a part of new projects.
  • According to the current government 187 projects, developmental programs are almost at closure while 136 new programs are still to be launched in the area.
  • A big forest plan has also been launched that will make the region more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Once all the projects will come to closure, this region will promisingly be way better than all major cities of Pakistan. So DHA Bahawalpur primarily located in the region proves to be the smartest choice for the investors as well as the residents as there is not any facility that is not available in this housing society.

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