Slide The historical city of arts, heritage and architecture. Lahore has been the preferred choice and destination of Mughal Emperors and conquerors in the past due to its important geographical location and rich cultural background. Lahore is the capital of the province of Punjab and is the country’s 2nd largest city and 18 largest cities in the world. Lahore is one of Pakistan's wealthiest cities and is a centre of modern urbanization.


Now with the arrival of Lahore Smart City, Lahore will be further embellished and ornate with the aesthetic and modern architecture of this landmark master-planned project.

The splendour of architecture, the grandeur of metropolitan living and the smart lifestyle of the contemporary era and the building blocks of Lahore Smart City. The mega project reflects the state of the art town planning, diligent designing as well as aesthetic landscaping which leaves one spellbound and mesmerized. Crafted for the future lifestyle, keeping in mind green living and almost zero carbon footprint, Lahore Smart City is a marvel of modern construction, design and civil engineering. Lahore Smart City, after its completion, will become the 2nd Smart City of Pakistan after Capital Smart City.

Lahore Smart City Location


20,000 Kanals land has been already acquired for launching this project. Lahore Smart City will be located on Lahore Bypass Near Kala Shah Kaku Toll Plaza which is accessible through GT road as well as Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. Facing Lahore Ring Road, Lahore Smart City will connect to the rest of Lahore.


 Lahore Smart City Owners and Developers

Lahore smart City Developers

Lahore Smart City is a project of a consortium between Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited & Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited. Both of these are masters in their field. HRL is known as Real Estate developer giant in Pakistan. Notorious projects mainly Bahria Town, DHA, Motorway and several others are developed by HRL.

Moreover, Capital Smart City that is 1st smart city of Pakistan is the mega project developing under the supervision of both these firms.


 Smart Features

Smart Economy

  • To be the most eco-friendly development project in the region.
  • To promote integrated solid waste management and responsible usage of the resources.
  • To provide adequate and reliable water supply.
  • To ensure availability and reliability of power supply on a 24-7-365 basis.

Smart Environment

  • To design a resilient social infrastructure.
  • To set a model of human-centred contemporary urban design.
  • To introduce the concept of communal based sustainable urban development in Pakistan.
  • To provide the residents of smart cities with modern technology-driven swift access to a wide range of urban facilities.

Smart Housing

  • To become the first commercial centre in the region, neighbouring the New International Airport.
  • To attract international business and investors.
  • To create a variety of job opportunities in the commercial and service sectors.
  • About 90,000 IT jobs alone will be available
  • To conserve natural resources and ensure minimal loss of natural areas.
  • To become a picturesque city, full of natural vistas and sceneries.
  • To provide an eco-friendly environment that is convenient for long walks and hikes.
  • To become a culturally rich city with a vibrant multicultural environment.
  • To integrate ethnic and cultural diversity in the architecture of smart cities.
  • To become a centre for the community with different social & cultural needs.
  • To provide efficient and sustainable transportation facilities, modern infrastructure to increase productivity and regional growth.
  • To ensure that well-connected networks are established for road users, future mobility needs and more.

Green Space Connectivity

The Master Plan integrates the existing rich natural features through eco-spines and seamless recreational trails. It also takes forward and integrates the existing land use and environmental value map to improve the urban environment by infusing a variety of parks and public open spaces.

A Destination to Live, Work, Learn & Play

With the aim to develop strategic growth areas and attract future investments, the concept for LSC captures the radial growth pattern with a large centrally located business district and well-distributed sub-centres and neighbourhood centres in the periphery. A township model is proposed for LSC, guiding the master plan to facilitate traffic flow, offer diverse and affordable choices and nurture vibrant communities.

High to low-density housing ranges from 5 Marla to 20 Kanal residential plots with convenient public facilities are distributed across various neighbourhoods.

Safe Environment

Lahore Smart City is the serene area where one can be very close to nature. Greener landscape infused with blue water lake gives a refreshing experience. It is the best place to enjoy dawns and dusks at LSC. In free time this is the area to indulge in lakeside cafes and restaurants. The residences provide a direct belonging to nature.

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

  Why Invest in Lahore Smart City?

  • Reliable Developers – FDHL: FDHL are the most reliable developers; which has been proved by the fast-paced development of Capital Smart CityIslamabad.
  • Credible Investment Option at Pre-Launch Rates: Lahore is the primary business hub of Pakistan – where FDHL is offering credible housing options at pre-launch rates.
  • Expected Price Increase: After launch within a few weeks, the price increase is expected.
  • High Return On Investment: Limited Land; Limited Availability of Plots will lead to high demand and a higher return on investment
   Terms & Conditions
  • 10% Down Payment.
  • 10% Confirmation (after 2 months).
  • 3.5 Year Payment Plan.
  • Prices are exclusive of development charges.

Lahore Smart City Development Updates