FBR Advance Tax for Capital Smart City Members

The Federal Board of Revenue(FBR) imposes an advance tax on all members of real estate projects. Management of CSC has issued a notification with FBR Advance Tax for Capital Smart City members and taken the responsibility for collecting this tax from all members and depositing it with FBR on their Behalf.

Capital Smart City has made sure that its dedication to Pakistan’s growth satisfies all obligations mandated by law. According to the issued notification, to ensure that its members remain in compliance with their legal and tax obligations an advance tax amount is due from the members of CSC at the following rates.

At the time of purchase &payment of its installmentsAt the time of Sale
Filers andNon- Residents2%2%

According to the CSC management, these rates should be applicable to plot values determined by the FBR and not to our booking price. The tax amount will be adjusted with any future payments that members make.

The following table provides an example of the total amount of tax that can be changed for the plot sizes specified, even though taxes are applicable to all plots. The amount shown can be

changed on an installment basis along with the installment plan. These amounts are subject to change without notice as per any changes in law, in the percentage of taxes for filers, non-filers, or in the FBR value of properties. Also, the members of CSC who are tax filers can adjust the tax amounts paid at the time of filing their annual income tax return.

Size of PlotTotal tax amount at 100% payment for filers
5 MarlasRs. 16,700
10 MarlasRs. 33,400
1 kanalRs. 66,800

FBR Advance Tax For Captial Smart City Members (Sales/Purchase & Installments)