The Best Places To Make Investment In DHA Islamabad 2022

For many years, domestic and foreign buyers seeking to make a safe and best investment in DHA Islamabad. The elegantly designed housing society offers its residents a polished and sophisticated way of life by successfully integrating metropolitan appeal with traditional luxury. Moreover, with real estate values steadily rising, making a smart property investment in DHA Islamabad can be quite profitable for both beginners and experienced investors.

DHA Islamabad is a great area to build a life because of its outstanding design, contemporary infrastructure, lovely open spaces, and variety of recreational opportunities. You always have the choice to rent out your property to make passive income, even if you don’t intend to live here.

With our latest research, we have collected some useful information that will help you to make the best investment decision in DHA Islamabad.


DHA Islamabad, which was built in 1992, is situated in a prominent area of the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area. It is comprises of Phases 1 through 5, DHA Valley, Phase 2 Extension, and Phase 1.

These are the major areas of the massive project that have drawn the most interest from potential buyers.

DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad, and Habib Rafiq (pvt) Limited collaborated to create DHA Valley Islamabad. By creating a secured gated community with parks, commercial retail areas, schools, mosques, hospitals, and other necessities of life, the society aims to offer a luxurious lifestyle to normal people. The general public was given access to residential plots of 5 marla and 8 marla in each block at a very low price with a 3 year installment plan. The project was started in 2008, and thousands of plots—roughly 50,000—were given to those who applied.

For DHA Valley Islamabad Map, Visit DHA Valley Project Page.

  • Mohra Bakhtan, Rawalpindi Punjab – 7 Min Drive
  • Arazi Sohal – 14 Min Drive
  • Kallar Siyyadan Road – 20 Min Drive
  • Rawat, Islamabad – 26 Min Drive
  • Islamabad Expressway – 37 Min Drive

DHA Islamabad Phase 2

DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is a 15,500 kanal project that is strategically located between the G.T. Road and the Islamabad Expressway. While the upmarket neighborhood is flanked by the residential developments of Soan Gardens, Media Town, PWD Housing Society, and Canyon Views, its ideal location in Zone V of Islamabad Capital Territory connects it to all significant areas of the twin cities. Phase 2 of DHA Islamabad is safe, secure, fully built, and offers a variety of real estate investment opportunities.

It consists of 17 sectors, ranging from A to Q. A variety of residential and commercial properties in various area sizes can be found in these sectors. Phase 2 of DHA Islamabad gives you the opportunity to buy plots in sizes of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal. If you’re looking for well-built home, the region offers a wide selection of 5 marla, 10 marla, and luxurious 1 kanal homes for sale.

The excellent inventory of apartments in DHA Islamabad Phase 2 is another factor making it one of the most sought- after places for real estate investment in DHA Islamabad. A selection of beautiful studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments are available for purchase in the urban enclave. The region also has luxurious 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom apartments for sale in various areas if you have a sizable family. Sector E of Phase 2 includes the well-known Jacaranda Family Club, while Sector F has the world-class Giga Mall.

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DHA Islamabad Phase 5

DHA Islamabad Phase 5, which spans 7,000 Kanal, enjoys a privileged location close to the main Islamabad Expressway. Through the DHA Expressway and LAK Boulevard, it is also well connected to the major neighborhoods in the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area. It was first introduced in 2006 under the name Commoner’s Town. It is located next to DHA Phase 2 and is surrounded by incredible natural beauty, guaranteeing a tranquil living environment.

DHA Phase 5 includes eight sectors from A to H. Sectors A, B, C, and D have already received plots from the housing authority, while Sectors E, F, G, and H are now in the development phase. Plot seekers in DHA Islamabad have a plethora of options to choose from in Phase 5, which consists of cuttings with area sizes of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal. The upscale area also has a ton of developer-built 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1-kanal homes that are furnished with only the best fittings and high-end interiors.

Studio, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments in DHA Islamabad Phase 5 are available to those seeking to diversify their real estate investment portfolio. All the latest conveniences and luxuries one would need for a superior lifestyle away from the bustle of the major metropolis are promised in these upscale residential homes. A great option for property investment in DHA Islamabad, the commercial properties in the area also have a high potential for growth.

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DHA Islamabad Phase 3

One of the best places to purchase real estate in DHA Islamabad is Phase 3, which includes over 3,800 kanal of developing land and about 1,050 kanal of fully constructed space. It is next to Bahria Town Phase 8 and directly across from DHA Phase 2. It also has two main entrances, one on Rawat Road and the other on G.T. Road. Furthermore, DHA Phase 1 and other excellent housing developments make it simple to get to the neighborhood. 

The acquisition of Zones 5 to 9 of Bahria Garden City by DHA Islamabad Phase 3 is the main factor contributing to the development’s explosive popularity among investors. Many Phase 3 sectors are still in various phases of the building since this area’s development started in 2017.

Since the neighborhood’s opening, real estate values have increased significantly, and as construction activity winds down in the following years, it is anticipated that they will increase significantly further. Therefore, if you’re seeking profitable investment options in DHA Islamabad, this may be your best chance to realize significant capital gains.

Residential plots comprising 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal are available in Phase 3’s real estate inventory at competitive prices. The residential enclave also provides a variety of newly constructed homes made to fit families of all sizes and types. For the best return, you might also put money into nearby business properties.

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DHA Islamabad Phase 4

This luxurious community has been developed along the Soan River, close to Orchard Area and DHA Phase I. Phases 7 and 8 of Bahria Town are only a short drive away. DHA Islamabad Phase 4 offers a beautiful scenery with a lot of green space and covers an area of 4,000 kanal. Bus stations at Morgah Road, the most well-known route in Phase 4, provide easy access to public transportation for those living in the attractive neighborhood. The society is also connected to the M2 Motorway in Rawalpindi.

There is a large selection of properties available for anyone looking to purchase real estate in DHA Islamabad. They can look at the exquisite homes built in Phase 4 or explore the residential plots of 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal that are for sale. Additionally, buyers and investors can browse the selection of lavish 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom flats in the affluent neighborhood. Depending on their size and location, these attractive residential units may house families of all sizes and sustain a variety of price tags.

You might not want to skip this excellent investment opportunity because it is anticipated that the values of real estate in Phase 4 will rise significantly over the next few years.

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DHA Islamabad Phase 1

The wonderfully developed housing society of DHA Phase 1 occupies a significant part in the real estate market of the twin cities because it was constructed to complement an opulent lifestyle. This posh location, which is close to DHA Phase 4 and Bahria Town Phase 7, is accessible from GT Road via Defence Avenue and is situated along the Soan River. It also has a beautiful scenery, making it the ideal place to construct your ideal house.

A variety of residential and commercial properties are available for sale in DHA Phase 1’s various sectors. The 5 marla, 10 marla, and 1 kanal plots and homes situated in the neighborhoods in DHA Islamabad should be taken into consideration by those searching for real estate investment options. High returns on investments are guaranteed by the recent considerable rise in real estate values in this region.

For DHA Islamabad Phase 1 Map, Visit DHA Islamabad Project Page.


To sum up, DHA Islamabad has consistently been a popular choice among investors in the area for purchasing plots and homes. The beautifully constructed housing society is situated in a picturesque area on the fringes of the twin towns. The best areas in DHA Islamabad for real estate investment appear to be Phase 2, Phase 5, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 1.