Islamabad Model Village Chatha Bakhtawar


On the South-eastern side of Islamabad City lies a well-known society ‘Chatha Bakhtawar Model Village Islamabad’ which is a jurisdiction of Tarlai Kalan. This society is situated in close proximity of Chak Shahzad and Burma Town, both are famous towns and well-built towns in Islamabad.

The closest town Chak Shahzad has always caught the attention and people find it an attractive place in Islamabad because of its famous VIP personalities living there in beautiful farmhouses in Chak Shahzad.

The roads and streets are developed while other facilities include electrification work, drainage system and drinking water. The Chatha Bakhtawar and adjoining area are now getting developed. So many houses are already constructed and people are living there.

Location of Chatha Bakhtawar

Chatha Bakhatawar is situated on the main park road beside COMSATS university Islamabad which is just 1 KM away from Chatha Bakhtawar. The distance between Chatha Bakhtawar and the Islamabad International Airport is roughly 10 KM. On the western side of Chatha Bakhtawar is the Chak Shahzad whereas on the Northern side lies the Jinnah Avenue. The distance between the site and Islamabad’s Zero Point is roughly 12 KM.

Legal Status

Islamabad Model Village Chatha Bakhatawar is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA) and all its documentation is verified.

Chatha Bakhtawar Payment Plan

Currently, 5 marla and 5.6 Marla residential plots are available. Chatha Bakhtawar model village payment plan will be available soon.

For bookings, get in touch with our sales team for more information.

Plot SizePrice Range
5 MarlaPKR 42 Lakh – 95 Lakh
5.6 MarlaPKR 65 Lakh – 80 Lakh

Why to Invest in Chatha Bakhatawar Model Village Islamabad?

Chatha Bakhtawar’s prime location is one of the most important reason to invest in this society where you can avail every facility of VIP living. Also, many VIP farmhouses are developed around this society and one of the most famous universities COMSATS is built there. Another iconic Nursing University is constructed there which is developed by Bahrain.

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