For Pakistanis both at home and abroad, Pakistan will soon have the second-largest replica of the Eiffel Tower in Gujranwala in the framework of an innovative housing scheme called Le Paris, which has recently been granted preliminary plans by the Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA).

The preliminary project planning for an area of 2,352 acres of land is approved for the country’s renowned entrepreneur Sheik Mahmood Iqbal. The last part is on almost 5000 acres. The project is planned.

Professionals from Wilmotte & Associates, one of France’s top five companies, have begun work extensively on various aspects of Le Paris’s Master’s and Urban Design, where development work will begin very soon. Under the supervision of Wilmotte’s teams.

They not only offer technical expertise to create a true replica of Paris and the world’s largest replica of the Eiffel Tower but also create unique environmentally friendly concepts for urban development which are going to become another first in this part of the world.

The project to construct this Eiffel Tower replica (the only one that matches the exact size of the original in Paris) with a height of 324 m is scheduled to begin with technical supervision by professionals from Wilmotte, France, in the first half of 2022 and is estimated to cost around US$50 million (more than Rs. 8 billion).

Le Paris is a true replica of the French city of Paris beyond the Eiffel Tower in Gujranwala. Most city elements are replicated on their actual size, while others are built on a proportionately smaller scale.

The city plan, roads, parks and monuments will allow you to feel the aesthetics of Paris only. Your look, your sense, your aura, your aromas, your grandeur, art and culture; your entertainment and leisure; the wealth of experiences; the vitality of life and the lifestyle that is exuberant, all for future generations.