The Punjab province of Pakistan has been known for its advanced construction of infrastructure. Here you will find modern architectural wonders that provide connectivity around the clock within and between the provinces. A ceremony was recently held to inaugurate the development plan of the Sialkot-Kharian Motorway also known as the Sambrial-Kharian Motorway.

This is a 65 km long M-11 motorway and has four routes to prevent car congestion. This Sialkot-Kharian route is located in the middle of the Lahore-Islamabad motorway and should be an alternative route between the two cities.

This project is based on a private-public partnership and will be carried out over the next two years. At the opening ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized that PKR 32 billion will create 43,000 jobs each day and provide 23,000 cars with flows.

The PM considers that providing jobs and also ensuring accessibility, will significantly improve local economic conditions in the field. Accessibility is the main precondition because these cities are mainly known for their industries and it will be much easier for them to transfer products with the M-11 building for large markets.

The town of Sialkot is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s production as it contains a number of industries producing export products. Leather goods and operating equipment are the main export items.

But the international reputation of Sialkot has been acquired for its hand-stitched soccer that is widely used in FIFA. Sialkot’s football production is 70%, with the city producing between 40 and 60 billion balls a year.