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Property Management Services

Beacon Investment provides Rental Services to Landowners who want to rent their property and the Tenants who are looking for places to live

Which Rental Services are you looking for?

We provide all of the Rental Services: from Advertising of your property to the Legal Guidance

Marketing & Advertising

The longer the place is vacant, the higher  the money is out of the pocket. We can fill the vacancies faster by aggressive and innovative marketing tactics.

Regular Evaluation

We do the Evaluations on the move-in time, periodic and move-out time.

Tenant Procurement

Locating a tenant is not difficult but finding the right one is. We dig deeper with the screening process and get you a high quality tenant and that too quickly.


We do regular inspections to make sure that the property stays healthy.

Legal Guidance

We help the landlords to avoid legal problems during renting out the property.

Managing Tenant Relationship

Making a good relationship with the tenants and to keep them happy is our job from the time they move-in until they move-out.

Maintenance & Repair

We provide cost-effective maintenance and repairs. We have contractors and vendors.

Rent Collection/ Owner Disbursement

We collect the rent for you and hand it over to you before the due date through our fast and quick means. It’s our job to remind the tenants.


It’s our worry to evict bad tenants. We fully undertand State and Federal Laws.

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After years of business, our responsibility and attention to the customer have never been so effective. Find out what people say about us.

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Lets Talk About Property Management!

Property Management is basically overseeing the property. It includes all types of properties: Residential, Commercials, Apartments, Condominium units, and shops.

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Management Services Are Better Than Conventional Renting?

Going for the Property Management Services is always better than the conventional way of renting out your home. We spend…

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