PESHAWAR: On Tuesday Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Highways Council approved the Rs1.672 bill for the 2021-22 maintenance budget of Pakhtunkhwa Highways Authority (PKHA).

A declaration was made here that CEO Minister Mahmood Khan chaired the council and asked PKHA’s officials, together with maintenance work done, to present a detailed report on the funds that they were allocated in the last year.

Of the Rs 1,672 billion maintenance plans, the provincial government would provide Rs 1,2 billion, while the PKHA’s own resources would provide Rs472 million.

The funds would have been used, as well as rehabilitation of flood-affected roads, construction of new toll plazas and other operational work, to ensure proper maintenance of 3000 kilometer roads and highways across the province.

PKHA’s proposed budget for the financial year 2021-22 was discussed in detail by the council. The council recommended that it should be presented for final approval to the provincial cabinet.

Four roads, including the 35-kilometer Sheringal-Patrak, 126 kilometers Topi-Buner, 85 kilometers Thakot-Darband and 61 kilometer Bannu-Miranshah roads were also approved for provincial station.

The meeting reported that the current ADP reflects six roadway projects with a total cost of over Rs6 billion.

The Chief Minister instructed the officials to make sure that the road projects were developed and that projects were completed within the time period specified.