The Rawalpindi Ring Road Project is the most crucial project for the twin cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The success of the Rawalpindi Ring Road will bring with it many benefits. Many people are waiting for it, and many want to know all the latest developments on it. Therefore, we have compiled all the Ring Road Rawalpindi latest news and facts in this article,

The concept of the Rawalpindi Ring Road came into being in the year 2017. However, this project caused some controversy in 2018. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) included the Rawalpindi Ring Road project on its list. However, they later deleted it from the list. This caused controversy as it was very harmful news for the real estate industry of housing in Islamabad.

The Significance and Purpose of the Project

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is important, as it will increase the efficiency of transport. It aims to provide quality road links and less time-consuming transportation for everyday and business travels. Even though other significant roads link the city to the rest of the country, it is not enough. This is because of the considerable increase in the population, which has created many blockages in the city when traveling. Therefore, the Rawalpindi Ring Road’s primary goal is to connect the city with significant roads without blockage or traffic jams.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Latest News

In recent months investigations were conducted regarding the whole Rawalpindi Ring Road controversy. After the examination, our Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the readjustment in the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. This was done to eradicate any and all the problems and disputes regarding the project. Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued the inauguration date of the Rawalpindi Ring Road Project. The Rawalpindi Ring Road will be inaugurated on the 25th of December 2021.

This is a piece of excellent news for the Real Estate Industry. This is because; this project will benefit all the housing projects near its route or junctions. There are many major housing projects near the Rawalpindi Ring Road; some of these are Rudn Enclave, Bahria Town Phase 8, Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and PIA Officers Housing Scheme.

Ring Road Project Funding

The Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Mohammad Jehanzeb Khan directed the CDWP meeting where the CDWP proposed the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road project. The project is on a 38.3km long road from N-5 at Baanth to M-2 at Thallian Interchange, and its cost is 23.6 billion Rs. The government of Punjab is the sponsor of the project, whereas the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will be the one to complete the project.

The Punjab government proposed that the federal government should provide Rs15.2 billion out of the total cost of Rs23.6 billion for the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road. However, the federal government declined to fund the project because it is already financing 13 new projects that are worth 73.3 billion Rs. The Punjab government suspended the private financing plan and instead decided to fund the project out of the taxpayers’ money.

Route Controversy of Rawalpindi Ring Road

The new readjustments in the project show the new routes of the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The original route in the first PC-I connected the GT road with the M-2 Motorway at the Thalian Interchange. This, at the cost of Rs6.3 billion, was approved by the Punjab government in July 2020. However, the route was later changed in the revised PC-I at the expense of 16.3 billion Rs. It not only connected the two roads but also went far past the motorway. It circled around the Airport and also turned towards Sangjani on N-5. However, the Punjab government made no accord with the planning ministry regarding the new route of the Ring Road.

Facts about the Rawalpindi Ring Road

There are many rumors and gossip about the whole Rawalpindi Ring Road situation. This is because there is significantly less accurate and authentic information available. People have been circulating wrong details on the project, saying that it has been delayed for an indefinite period. Therefore, here are some facts about the Rawalpindi Ring Road that you need to know.

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road will be the major project of the PTI government, which is why Prime Minister Imran Khan is firm to finishing this project.

  • It is an important project for Rawalpindi, and it cannot be delayed any further than it already has been.

  • There is no proof that there has been corruption in this project; all are accusations.

  • The government assigned the funds for land purchase after the completion of the survey, as mentioned above.

  • Most of the land necessary for Ring Road is already bought.

  • The revised plan contains nine individual financial regions that will produce billions of rupees worth of economic activity around the Rawalpindi Ring Road. In contrast, the older proposal is just a by-pass.

  • Housing Schemes benefited from the alignment change as they claimed access through Ring Road and sold thousands of plots.

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