Rawalpindi News: The ring road PC1 documents have recently been approved by the government of Pakistan. The total budget that will be dedicated for Rawalpindi Ring Road is approximately 6.7 Billion Rupees and the implementation will soon be started on according to the ring road new alignment that has been approved.

Rawalpindi Ring Road will be 38 Km long starting from Thalian Interchange and ending at Banth. It allows a speed limit of 100 kilometer per hour. The land where the Ring road project will be situated has been fully possessed by the authorities although some of the other land and payment recovery matters haven’t been sorted yet.

The Rawalpindi Ring Road Map suggests that upon completion it will not only considerable reduce the distance to the areas and societies located near Chakri but also it is going to be a primary factor in the price hikes of the nearby land and real estate housing societies. However, the development of this project is a landmark initiative of this government. It is applaudable if it gets completed soon. Why? It enhances accessibility and results into convenience for the residents of nearby localities.

As per the authorities, the developmental work of Ring Road was initiated by NESPAK in 2017 but till now, no funds from the budget haven’t been allotted for further development.

The Ring Road Rawalpindi project is expected to inaugurate on 25th December 2021 by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Inauguration orders have been passed to Commissioner Rawalpindi by the Punjab Minister and soon the developmental work for Ring road has just been initiated and will proceed as per the orders from the Public sector development program.