The River Ravi Urban Development Project is a multi-trillion mega project to develop a new city on the banks of the river Ravi. The project envisions a modern city covering 40,000 hectares on the banks of the Ravi River, with 12 sectors (housing, mixed-use, commerce, finance, innovation, healthcare, knowledge, sports, city tourism, urban agriculture), 46 kilometers of clean water lake, and trees on 70% of the land. The 1.4 million homes to accommodate 35 million people are expected to continue to expand and relieve pressure in the city of Lahore. This development project is the first high-quality, planned urban development by converting Ravi River dye to perennial freshwater. The Ravi River revival has a positive impact on the environment as a whole, with increased recreational and environmental benefits and the ecosystem as a whole.

RUDA (Ravi Urban Development Authority) was established to oversee urban development as a sustainable, livable, and well-managed engine of economic growth. Following Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the Ravi City megaproject envisioned in Pakistan’s second-largest planned city.


The project site is located in Lahore and Sheikhupura District in Punjab Province.


Ravi Riverfront Project Phases

  • The first phase takes three years to complete and includes the construction of a 46-kilometer lake, six sewage treatment plants, three dams, and urban forests.

  • The second phase will build a road network.

  • The third phase will establish special centers for health, education, trade, innovation and discovery.

Ravi Riverfront Project-Sectors

The project involves the construction of mixed-use facilities along the Ravi riverfront on 50,000 Hectare of land including

  • Medical City

  • Residential

  • Mix-use

  • Urban Farms

  • Downtown

  • Commercial City

  • Innovation City

  • Government / Financial City

  • Tourism

  • Central City

  • Knowledge City

  • Sports City


The development of a sustainable and planned new city, equipped with all the basic facilities of the Ravi River urban development, will prevent the urban sprawl of the existing Lahore city and reduce the pressure on natural resources. It has an overall positive impact on the surface.

  • High-quality residential, industrial, commercial and recreational area development

  • Promoting education, culture, technology, sports and economic activity to create employment opportunities

  • 46 KM long lake can store 271.0 billion liters of water Construction of three barrages

  • Water level management and stabilization of flood groundwater

  • Drinking water river integer

  • Sewage treatment plan

  • Plantation of 6 million trees to maintain ecological footprint

  • Institutional Complex

  • Commercial, recreational, industrial and business hubs

  • Green belts, piers and boardwalks

Ravi Riverfront Project Challenges

The Ravi Riverfront project goes against sustainable development values and would kill the little ecological equilibrium left of the river and its flood plains.

The cost of land along the river embankment would be beyond the population’s paying ability because the cost of construction works would be extremely high.


Urban development and its management are critically linked with sound, comprehensive, and strategic metropolitan-level long-term planning. Under the RUDA Act of 2020, RUDA will facilitate quality execution of the Ravi Riverfront development project as per international standards.