The Residence 21 – DHA Islamabad


The Residence 21 is a modern residential tower project at the main gate of DHA Phase 1 Islamabad near Ayub National Park. This project is launched to upgrade the experience of urban living standards in twin cities. Due to its prime location, approval from RDA, NoC and Completion Certificate, the residence 21 has become an ideal place to live and invest. The Residence 21 is a 11 storey building with 2 basements that comprises of apartments on 9 floors and penthouses on the 10th and 11th floor. Learn More about its Location, Master Plan, Amenities and Why you should invest in The Residence 21.

The Residence 21 provides its residents with all comforts of housing along with luxury and convenience. The residence is not only an apartment project, it provides an entire package for living as it has quick access to nearby hospitals, parks and commercial areas.

The Residence 21 Location

The location of The Residence 21 is among its principal features. It is located on Main G.T. Road at the entrance gate of DHA Phase 1 Islamabad. Owing to its location at the most prime spots of twin cities, it has a higher residential value. The Residence 21 is just at 2 minutes’ drive from Ayub National Park, Amusement Park, Glow Garden and Miracle Garden.

Other nearby locations in Rawalpindi are ‘Rawalpindi Golf Club’ and ‘Carefore and Biggest Shopping Mall’. The Residence 21 is 20-30 minutes away from Zero Point and Blue Area Islamabad while at 40 minutes’ distance away from Islamabad International Airport. Some closest areas include:

  • 10 Minutes’ drive from Bahria Paradise
  • 10 Minutes’ drive from Bahria Phase 8
  • 2 Minutes’ drive from Ayub Park
  • 1 Minute drive from Shifa Eye Hospital

Floor Plan

The residence 21 is a fully integrated residential tower in Rawalpindi. This is a 11 storeyed tower with 2 basements that are reserved for parking. Furthermore, it has apartments from 1st floor till the 9th floor all having the same floor plan while there are penthouses on the 10th floor and 11th floor. It promises to provide the best of urban lifestyle in Rawalpindi.

1. On Ground floor there are six apartments. Five apartments are one bed and one apartment is two bed. The ground floor is all reserved

2. From first floor to ninth floor there are eleven (11) apartments on each floor. One each floor there are 2 three bed apartments, 4 two bed apartments and 5 one bed apartment.

3. There are two penthouses on 10th and 11th floor

The residence 21 does not only provides residential units, rather it has everything available that you wish to have in any residential apartment project. It will have an in-house be coffee shop, a community lounge, a gym with state of the art exercise machines, mosque and a library for literature lovers. It offers recreational options covered for kids to provide its residents with the wholesome compact accommodation in Defence Housing Authority (DHA, Islamabad)

Please download the floor plan of Residence 21 from below.

Apartment Price in Residence 21 Islamabad

One Bed, Two Bed, Three Bed Apartment are available in Residence 21 Islamabad. Following are the types of apartments with their sizes and total prices. Download the payment plan for the discounted prices of apartments at Pre-Launch Phase.

You may also pay in installments however, possession will be granted only after full payment. Installment plan is also available in the apartment payment plan

1 Bed Apartment: 1 Bed Apartment are available in Four different sizes. Based on the size, the total price of the apartment varies.

SizeTotal Price
945 sqftRs. 1 Crore 18 Lacs
620 sqftRs. 77 Lacs 50 Thousand
588 sqftRs. 73 Lacs 50 Thousand
585 sqftRs. 73 Lacs

2 Bed Apartment: There are 3 different sizes and styles of 2 bed apartments in DHA Phase 1 The Residence 21 i.e. ranging from 1234 sqft to 1384 sqft.

SizeTotal Price
1384 sqftRs. 1 Crore 73 Lacs
1277 sqftRs. 1 Crore 60 Lacs
1234 sqftRs. 1 Crore 54 Lacs

3 Bed Apartment: There are 2 different sizes and styles of 3 bed apartments in DHA Phase 1 The Residence 21 Islamabad. If you are planning to shift to Islamabad with family and children, residence 21 offers ideal 3 bed apartments in Islamabad that are available for possession. You can comfortably bring your family and start your routine life right away without worrying about security, education and dining issues..

SizeTotal Price
2089 sqftRs. 2 Crore 61 Lacs
2060 sqftRs. 2 Crore 58 Lacs

Penthouses: In total there are two penthouses of 7410 sqft and 7628 sqft. Both of these penthouses are already sold out. The penthouses comprise of 2 bedrooms with separate bathroom, a large kitchen, store and a laundry room. Moreover, each penthouse offers a large dining room, drawing room and a spacious living room.

The Residence 21 Facilities & Amenities

  • 24/7 working security mechanism and CCTV cameras.
  • Availability of electricity and gas
  • Laundry service
  • A private and safe space dedicated for car parking
  • Family oriented environment
  • Efficient PU firefighting system
  • Safe alternative exit in case of emergency.
  • Spacious Mosque

Salient Features:

Following are the salient and distinctive features of The Residence 21.

  • 2 high-tech lifts and 1 cargo lifts.
  • Executive Community lounge for large meetups or gatherings.
  • Barbeque areas to make holiday nights memorable.
  • Cafes and coffee shops.
  • Well-equipped gyms for males and females.
  • A library for literature lovers and readers.
  • Outdoor family parks to spend leisure time.

Why Should You Invest in The Residence 21?

If you are on a property search journey and looking for apartments around you in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, The Residence 21 is the hottest property that is readily available for sale and possession.

  • It is located in the most upmarket area of Rawalpindi / Islamabad i.e. DHA Phase 1 and is surrounded by many important landmarks.
  • It is an RDA Approved Project with NoC Number 4341185. Additionally, it has also received Project Completion Certificate.
  • It is in pre-launch phase, pre-booking apartments or commercial spaces can lead to great investment benefit.
  • These are fully constructed and available for possession apartments and hence you can dwell into your routine life right away or you can start earning rentals.
  • It has two basements with 87 parking slots. Amenities include: Lobby, Gym, Indoor Play Area, Mosque, Business Center, Café, Community Lounge, Standby generator but only for common areas, BBQ Area, Outdoor Family Park, Library, Fire Fighting System and Earth Arresters


The residence 21 is a residential tower in DHA Phase 1 in Rawalpindi / Islamabad. Due to its close proximity with Ayub National Park and Shifa Eye Hospital, it is one of the most popular project that has readily available apartment of sale in Islamabad. It is a 11 floor building offering 2 basements, 1,2 and 3 bed apartments from 1st to 9th floor and pent houses on 10

th floor and 11th floor. Along with residential units, it offers all the necessities and amenities to its residents. It is managed by the property management company therefore, you will not be left alone after possession. Its location and top class development will make it a right choice for housing.


  • Where is The Residence 21 located?

It is located on Main G.T. Road at the entrance of DHA Phase 1. It is just 2 minutes drive from near Ayub National Park Rawalpindi.

  • What does The Residence 21 offers?

It offers 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed apartments on first 9 floors of the building. It offers all the above mentioned facilities that are needed for a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

  • Is The Residence 21 fully constructed/developed?

It is a fully developed building offering available to possession apartments main gate of DHA Phase 1. You can pay the total amount today and get your possession right away.

  • What makes The Residence 21 investment worthy among other projects in the city?

It is an RDA approved project with project completion certificate. Owing to its prime location in the city and matchless lifestyle, it is one of a kind residential tower project in twin cities.

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