City Housing Gujranwala


City Housing Gujranwala is a housing society in Gujranwala that covers the land of 6700 Kanal. City Housing Pvt. Ltd. is the developer of this society. It is located next to the N-5 National Highway (GT Road). The society is GDA-approved, holding the No Objection Certificate of City Housing Gujranwala. It offers 2 phases for the investors. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have complete approval from the authority. This means that investors can completely trust and invest in City Housing Gujranwala.

The owners & developers of City Housing Gujranwala are City Housing Pvt. Ltd. The developers have been part of the real estate development sector for a long time. The City Housing Gujranwala project developers are very well known in the real estate world of property development. Their main mission is to offer the investors high- class and legal infrastructure at affordable prices.

City Housing Gujranwala Locations

City Housing Gujranwala is located at the N-5 National Highway (GT Road). It is also close to Sheikhu-pura and Gujranwala Road. The official address of the City Housing Gujranwala is Mouza Adho Rai, Rattoki, Kot Baqar & Kot Momin, Upper Chenab Canal Bank Road, Gujranwala. This is a remarkable location as it provides a city’s central point. This means that all the important and popular places or landmarks of Gujranwala can be accessed from society.

Master Plan

According to the Master plan of City Housing Gujranwala, the project is divided into different phases and blocks. These blocks are named, A, AA, B, C, etc. Moreover, there has been an addition of a new phase called the Wafi City, a theme park is said to be built here. All the blocks will have similar plot sizes, which are 5 Marla, 10 marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. In Addition, there is a commercial area in which different plot sizes are available for amenities like shops, shopping malls, offices.


The developers of the City Housing Gujranwala Project is City Housing, which is a real estate company. They have provided first class residential and commercial projects to the people. The City housing developers are recognized as one of the first and very trustworthy land development companies in the country. This is not their first project, they have successfully served in Sialkot, Faisalabad, Jhelum, and Multan.

Payment Plan

As usual, there are two options through which plots can be purchased, through full cash payment or through installment. 5 Marla plot is for around 1,650,000 Rs. in total, its 12-quarterly installment is 123,750 Rs. 10 Marla is for 2,950,000 Rs. in total with the 12-quarterly installment of 221,250 Rs. ! Kanal plot is for 5,450,000 Rs. in total, and its 12-quarterly installment is of 408,750 Rs. And lastly, 2 kanal plot is of 9,950,000 Rs. in total, and its 12-quarterly installment is of 746,250 Rs. For more details and updated prizes you can contact their office.

City Housing Gujranwala is offering the following plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal
  • 02 Kanal

City Housing Gujranwala Payment Plans

The payment plan of City Housing Gujranwala is offered at the most affordable prices possible with easy installment schedules. We highly recommend demanding updated prices from the management of the society to get yourself updated about any recent change in the residential and commercial plot prices.

Key Features

Many key features of the City Housing Gujranwala are very impressive. Below are all the key features they claim to have in their housing society.

  • Affordable housing scheme
  • Eco-community
  • Education Complex
  • Club House
  • Retail Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • 24/7 security system
  • Boundary Wall, Gated community
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Water, Gas, Electricity supply
  • Underground electricity system
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals and clinics

Facilities & Amenities

Like many other housing projects, the City Housing Gujranwala project also promises to provide a high-class, modern lifestyle with lavish facilities. But not just that, this first-class lifestyle and amenities are offered at affordable rates too. The outstanding amenities that City Housing Gujranwala promises are as follows;

  • Eco-Friendly

City Housing Gujranwala promises to offer a close-to-nature lifestyle that will be eco-friendly. This close-to-nature environment is unique, and not all the housing schemes in Pakistan have this feature.

  • Grand Mosque

A Grand and beautiful Jamia Mosque will be built by the developers for the residents. And just like all other things, this Mosque will also have modern tech and Grand beauty.

  • Water Resources

Water is the most important resource for any living being. That is why it is specially taken into account by society. Water reservoirs are in development to store large amounts of water for the residents’ daily use. Moreover, there will be proper filter plants, which will ensure that the water is clean for drinking and cooking.

  • Graveyard

A Graveyard is also added to society for the residents and their deceased family members. This is because the residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives nearby to make it easier to visit their graves.

  • Community Center

For social activity, community centers will also be available for the residents. They can choose to participate in these and enjoy!

  • Education and Health-care Facilities

Special attention was given to the healthcare and education facilities for the residents. These places are very important and need to be present in every area and society. 24/7 emergency centers with doctors and other staff will also be available. High-quality, international-level education systems for the young generation will also be built.

  • Business & Commercial Hub

Like all other needs, the need for business and commercial areas is also fulfilled. The society’s developers have given attention to the business and commercial requirements of the residents within the society. This way they will not have to travel far away for work.

  • Security System

The sense of security is one of the most important features of a housing society. A safe and gated community confirms the safety and security of society. The security system includes properly installed CCTV cameras for 24/7 recording and other 24/7 supervision mechanisms for a wide-ranging security system for the residents. The boundary wall of the society is also a foolproof system for high- level security.

  • High-quality Road Infrastructure

The society is promised to have a High-quality infrastructure, which will be developed by highly professional and equipment people for higher quality with wide and spacious streets for a clean and attractive look.

Rules for Buying or Sale of Plots

You need to follow certain steps to buy or sell a plot. Below mentioned are the steps you should follow.

Authentication of Documents

To avoid any problems and miscommunications, make sure you verify all of your important required documents beforehand. Always make sure to look into the details of the housing scheme, like the NOC and approval documents from the authorities. This is important as it helps you avoid any sort of fraud. Validation of documents before finalizing the deal is very important!

Financial Security

Always make sure that you have proper funds available before you purchase the property. Make a purchase plan and have funds according to that plan. Make sure you align your funds before purchasing to avoid any problems.

Property Visits

Always visit the property site before you finalize the purchase. This is important as often you might not understand the property by just looking at the pictures and videos. Because of this, you might not be satisfied when you finally look at the property.


Why should you invest in City Housing Gujranwala?

City Housing Gujranwala is a great housing scheme project. It offers all the required and desired facilities, along with a modern and lavish lifestyle. Moreover, it has affordable investment plans too. It is an approved project and you will not waste your investment here.

What Documents Are Required for Booking?

The following documents are required for property booking and purchase in City Housing Gujranwala.
Two passport size Pictures
Two copies of your National Identity Card
Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
NICOP for overseas clients

Who are the developers of the City Housing Gujranwala?

City Housing Pvt. Ltd. are the developers of the City Housing Gujranwala.

For more Information contact team Beacon Investment.

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