The Lahore Real Estate is a prime example of a planned urban city. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) is known to check everything and ensure no inconsistencies in the Lahore real estate market. Therefore, the city’s real estate sector grows and attracts buyers, both locally and internationally. New projects are regularly introduced in the city as developers continue to meet residents’ growing housing needs.

As Lahore is known for boosting businesses, good healthcare, and education systems, demand for housing remains high in the city too. Hence, the demand for real estate and investment value is among the highest in Pakistan. DHA Lahore has remained the number one destination for buying land in Lahore. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to look at the best places to buy plots in DHA Lahore


Lahore DHA Phase 7 is located behind the much revered and densely populated residential area Phase 6. When it, was launched, it was considered a bit more remote. However, the rapid development of infrastructure in DHA Lahore Phase 7 over the past years has completely changed the way people own property here.

At first, investors were drawn to this step due to the lower prices and diversified plots, however, over the past 2 years, the prices have gradually increased. Here you will find plots of 5 and 10 marlas as well as plots 1 and 2 Kanal. In commercial real estate, buyers choose to invest in 2, 4, or 8 marlas.

As for the development, DHA Lahore phase 7 has been completed and the property is available. More than 10% of the land has been transformed into housing by the residents, all connections to public services, in particular the gas, have been installed. In addition, there are dedicated green spaces such as parks and green belts full of plantations and recreational activities for children.

DHA Phase 7 has a well-developed road and link network just minutes from the Lahore ring road. For residents, that means they’re always minutes away from all that this city’s best shopping avenue has to offer. This phase also includes the Pakistan Liver and Kidney  Institute and Research Center (PKLI) and new branches from leading international educational institutes such as LACAS, FWS Roots Millennium School, etc. Additionally, since this phase is located a bit further away, it allows for privacy and a peaceful environment to raise a family.


DHA Phase 8 was one of the first to be developed and made available for ownership of all the phases. The areas initially allocated had size 1 and 2 Kanal plots, while now in newer plots, especially Block Y, the smaller size 5, 8, and 10 marla plots are also available to buy plots in DHA Lahore Phase 8. These new methods of cuttings were introduced when developers noticed an increased demand for small plots of land. This phase includes a dedicated shopping space and some of the best cafes and restaurants in town. Besides, you will also find some of the best schools and health facilities there.

DHA Phase 8 is located directly opposite  Allama Iqbal International Airport and is separated by the Lahore Ring Road.

Due to diverse recreational and entertainment facilities, this phase remains ideal for home buyers and investors. In addition, it offers a safe and secure avenue for investments.


DHA phase 9 prism has gained the attention of investors since it was launched in 2015. The project’s balloting was held in late 2015s, and since then people have been waiting for internal development which could mark the value of the project. In October of the same year, development charges were also announced.

Since the vote and the announcement of the development charge, construction activities in the locality have progressed rapidly. All main roads and streets have been constructed and paved, while water refineries, parks, and other open spaces have also been properly landscaped. It should be mentioned here that DHA Prism Phase 9 went through a process of rapid construction and development; all according to the progress suggested and promised by the developers resulting in the increased value of the land.

Defense Phase 9 Prism’s first selling point is its prime location right next to Askari XI,  one of the exits of the Lahore ring road. Right next to it are the more densely populated and properly planned DHA Phases 4 and 5, leading up to Phases 3, 2, and 1. On the other side are phase 6, phase 7, and  8 which are considered new defense; an Education City luxury housing area and a variety of entertainment boulevards.

Residential plots 5 and 10 marlas, 1 and 2 Kanal plots, commercial plots of 4 and 8 marlas are offered but the property is not yet available and will be allocated in mid-2022 for the first four blocks: A, B, C, and D.

Hence, DHA Lahore is the perfect example of real estate development, communal living and would be considered a reliable housing society to buy plots.