Khurrum Mukhtar, the Chief Patron of the Pakistan Textile Exporters’ Association, explains that the backlog shipment in the USA is delaying the placement of additional orders, “in September, Pakistan will be the country with the highest textile export orders in 2021.”

The Business Insider reports that a record number of 44 freight vessels are stuck awaiting entry into the two largest ports in California, accounting for approximately one third of US imports due to the pandemic and work shortages and holiday buyers.

All stakeholders agree that Pakistan’s export in 2021 to the west is unlikely to significantly be affected, despite the border upheaval. A number of trade levers may, however, be used to put Pakistan under pressure.

Pakistan is one of the leading export destinations in the United States of America. Pakistan’s exports to the United States amounted to approximately 19% in 2020, according to data obtained from the international trade center. Let’s look at other well-established international hostilities to put that number into context

Independent on trade between the USA and China, American imports in the last five years, accounting for around 18 percent of China’s exports in 2020 and almost 20 percent of US imports last year, have fluctuated by some USD half a trillion.

The core of the present political climate is the same as ever; regardless of regional hegemonic changes, no Hail Mary pass will boost exports. Desiring to think about 50 billion US dollars in exports will remain Sheik Chilli’s dreams about the storybook until the core of economic infrastructure and prospects remain unchangeable