On 20th December, it was reported that the city government had instructed the police to identify and pursue those operating illegal housing societies in Lahore Division. Muhammad Usman Youngish, Captain Lahore (R), made an inspection team to look for the owners of 60 illegal housing societies of Lahore.

The government identified 60 illegal housing projects throughout the city after assessing the exponential growth of illegal housing Schemes in Lahore. The majority of housing plans are confirmed on Ferozepur Road, Canal Road, Kamahi Road, Bedpan Road, and Beki Road.

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has identified 34 illegal housing plans in a letter to the Commissioner. Of those, 11 are on Ferozepur Road, 11 are on Bedpan Road, 2 are on Kamahi Road, and 2 are on Canal Road. The government will demolish any illegal structures erected on the premises as a primary measure against these illegal housing plans.