Ideal Commercial Investment in Gulberg Islamabad! Magnus Mall or Gulberg Mall?

The Magnus Mall is Islamabad’s answer to a finely designed multipurpose super mall which is yet an affordable investment. Listed in the top malls of twin cities there is no doubt that The Magnus Mall is regal in every dimension. In this article, we are a comparative analysis of ideal commercial investment in Gulberg Islamabad ‘The Magnus Mall with three other malls of Gulberg Greens Islamabad’ , including:

  • Gulberg Mall Islamabad
  • Prism Heights
  • Gulberg Arena

Project Location & Size

The Magnus Mall is located on the prime location of Gulberg D-Markaz that can be easily accessible for people of twin cities. Whereas Gulberg Mall is located on Gulberg Expressway.

Area: Magnus Mall is the biggest mall covering an area of 27 kanals while other malls such as Gulberg Mall covers 20 kanals and Prism Heights and Gulberg Arena covers 8 kanals, and 10 kanals, respectively.

Starting Price: The Magnus Mall consists of 14 floors which makes it the tallest among competitors. Besides, it is economical with ( the ) initial price for Ground Level-2 is 26 Lacs. Whereas, the Gulberg Mall is slightly at the higher end of investment with the initial price of Ground Level-2 is 35 Lacs.

Prism Height and Gulberg Arena offer cheaper initial investment opportunities primarily because of smaller shop sizes.

However, if we compare the per square feet price of commercial shops at Ground Floor; Magnus Mall has the lowest price.


Gulberg Malls – Rate per Square Feet Comparison

Shop sizes in Magnus Mall range from 156 square feet to 1,258 square feet. The rate for Ground Level-II is 55,000 rupees per sqft.

Shop sizes in Magnus Mall range from 156 square feet to 1,258 square feet. The rate for Ground Level-II is 55,000 rupees per sqft.

Gulberg MallMagnus MallPrism HeightsGulberg Arena
Ground Floor Level 277,900 PKR55,000 PKR62,000 PKR68,000 PKR
Smallest Size Shops184 Sq. Ft.156 Sq. Ft.164 Sq. Ft.135 Sq.Ft
Biggest Size Shops1,101 Sq. Ft.1258 Sq. Ft.425 Sq. Ft.708 Sq.Ft

Payment Plan Comparison – Malls of Gulberg Islamabad

The payment plan for Magnus Mall is quite flexible as compared to other malls. It allows for monthly and half-yearly installments thereby keeping the investment chunks into smaller portions so that it does not become a burden for its customers.

In contrast, the other three have a quarterly payment plan. See the table below for details.


Gulberg MallMagnus MallPrism HeightsGulberg Arena
Down Payments25%30%25%25%
Installments11 Quarterly47 Monthly12 Quarterly5 Quarterly
On Possessions8%10%
On Transfer8%

Amenities and Facilities In Gulberg Malls for Investment


Gulberg MallMagnus MallPrism HeightsGulberg Arena
Commercial Shops
Swimming Pool
Fun House
Parking Space
Food Court
Waiting Lobbies
CCTV MannedEntrances
Earth Quick

You can see that The Magnus Mall and Gulberg Mall Islamabad are the two facilities that are providing all the listed facilities and amenities. Based on your purchasing power, you can choose between the two – 55000 per sqft The Magnus Mall, or 77,900 per sqft Gulberg Mall Islamabad.