Today’s world has made our lives easier than ever because of advanced technologies such as high-speed Internet, smartphones and other technology-driven solutions. The authorities in Pakistan are now making serious efforts to promote Pakistan’s e-governance concept to continue in the game of the ongoing digital revolution. As a result of this, you can now check land records online in Pakistan (Sindh zameen and Punjab Zameen).

  • You must first view Sindh Zameen or Punjab Zameen Land Records websites according to your region.

  • Once you land on the website’s homepage, you will have to select several items and search for your desired land records in different fields.

  • The first thing you select is your property from a drop-down menu in the respective area.

  • Now select your Tehsil/Taluka right next to the first menu from another drop-down menu.

  • Then select a section from the menu for your property.

  • You now define your search criterion by default, so you can search a property using CNIC, Name or Khewat. You can use 3 options (Property number).

  • You only need to click the search button to get your desired results, after choosing and completing all necessary options and fields.