A high-level meeting led by Chief Minister of Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan has taken place with Balochistan Mineral Exploration Company and Balochistan Mineral Resources Limited to assess their businesses.

He added that countries with deposited minerals have evolved through policy improvement and the application of modern technology.

In order to incorporate provisions that allow such companies to independently participate in mineral exploration and development projects, the Chief Minister provided instructive to innovate the BMEC and BMRL terms and Conditions.

The CEO requested that the expert in mining be included in the board of directors of the company.

An agreement between the provincial and federal administrations has been reached in this respect The company will receive Rs 3,2 billion over the first two years. The Balochistan government has granted Rs. 1.44 Crores for the current financial year.

He mentioned the mine mapping of Rs 100 million resources and capacity building for Rs 300 million officials within the department, referring to the department’s ongoing and future projects.

It will cost Rs. 70 million to install digital weighing machineries at different locations and Rs. 150 million to computerize the royalty collecting system.

Establishment in development program, of a Rs. 500 million mineral complex, of a Dukki Rs. 10 million mining resource and a Rs. 300 million federal Government metal park. In addition, he informed us on projects involving the added value of raw minerals at various locations.