According to sources, Pakistan is getting ready to be one of the first countries to offer electronic passports with chips. Pakistan is one of the world’s most populous countries with 50 million passport holders and will be one of the first countries to deploy an electronic chip passport on its E-Passports data page.

In the meeting, the Committee was informed by the Director-General for Immigration and Passport that in Pakistan, 180 facilities and 292 passport offices worldwide were in existence. 71 passport agencies have introduced a single window system throughout the country.

An Immigration and Passport director-general statement has stated that the agency generates annual revenues of Rs 24 billion.

The meeting was informed that the country currently has a large number of 50 million passengers. Moreover, in the coming years, there would be an e-passport and an e-counter facility in Pakistan.

At the end of the briefing, the Chairman Committee decided, in recognition of its outstanding efforts, to give the Management Board a “notice of appreciation.”