DHA Bahawalpur Prices 2021

DHA Bahawalpur has been shaping the concept of a great community lifestyle since its foundation. DHA has been a model for constructing and establishing communities for a diverse population. In terms of prices, DHA Bahawalpur is considered to be an affordable housing society. They are growing at a steady yet steady rate, with a greater emphasis on community development reliability. The DHA Bahawalpur prices 2021 are listed below.

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan

Sector/BlockProperty TypeTotal Price
Zee Sector1 Kanal60 Lacs
4 Marla (Commercial)150 Lacs
A Block1 Kanal55 to 95 Lacs
2 Kanal125 to 155 Lacs
B Block1 Kanal42 to 75 Lacs
2 Kanal110 to 135 Lacs
C Block10 Marla30 to 38 Lacs
D Block1 Kanal40 to 55 Lacs
10 Marla28 to 35 Lacs
E Block10 Marla25 to 35 Lacs
F Block1 Kanal40 to 55 Lacs
10 Marla30 to 35 Lacs
G Block1 Kanal40 to 55 Lacs
H Block1 Kanal40 to 65 Lacs
J Block1 Kanal45 to 66 Lacs
N Block1 Kanal55 to 80 Lacs

DHA Bahawalpur Villas Payment Plan

TypeTotal Price
6 Marla12 to 25 Own
9 Marla25 to 35 Own
12 Marla35 to 45 Own

Regular DHA | 1 Kanal : 42 Lacs

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