On Wednesday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) started work on the project of the plastic road in Islamabad. The main purpose of this project is to recycle plastic waste for use in road construction and it is going to be the first plastic road project in Pakistan.

As per CDA, municipal waste of 500 to 600 tons is collected in Islamabad regularly which contains 150 to 180 tons of plastic waste. Recyclable plastics could help reduce environmental pollution.

The press release states that according to chairman CDA’s instructions, at this initial stage a trial project has been started at F-9 Park.

A private company is collaborating with the government on a plastic road project in Islamabad, which is the first of its kind in Pakistan. According to the press release, “CDA signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) a month ago with a private beverage company, under which they have started working on a test project.”

As per the press release, if the results of the project prove successful, the concept will be implemented on Islamabad’s roads.