Lahore: In a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, a Lahore digital map is due to close by October 15, news sources reported, the National Coordination Committee (NCC) for Housing, Construction and Development.

Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered the Committee to speed up the digitization of the cadastral mapping of Lahore in order to complete it as quickly as possible.

The Prime Minister said that digitalization of land will prevent land grabbers and land invasion while assisting the general public. The Federal Government launched a digital mapping project of the main cities of the country in the first phase of the initiative. Recently there was a ceremonial ceremony to launch Islamabad Castradal.

He said the project’s objective is to digitize all major residential and state towns. The Premier stated that the project would increase production of domestic revenue from the property during the opening ceremony.

Likewise, the premier has been updated on numerous housing projects that the Ministry of Housing and Works is currently completing. The Department is building 86,323 units at a cost of PKR 463 billion, according to reports.