Chairman CDA Approves the Construction of Flyover at Srinagar Highway

According to press reports from November 4, the chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Younis, has given his approval for the construction of a flyover at Srinagar Highway and the Faqir Aipee Road intersection.

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A roundabout will be used to direct traffic entering from Faqir Apiee Road while an elevated flyover at Srinagar Highway will be built. The flyover will be constructed at the Police Line Chowk intersection of Faqir Aipee Road and the Srinagar Highway. The Chairman instructed the relevant authorities to create an appropriate design for the congested areas of the Srinagar Highway.

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It is crucial to highlight that protected U-turns were designed to reduce traffic congestion. The number of accidents has increased since the Srinagar Highway became signal-free. A meeting was held in order to find a solution to this problem. The consultant proposed constructing a flyover and elevated U-turns in front of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) at the intersection of 10th Avenue. The CDA Chairman only approved the flyover after the discussion.