In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the best CDA sectors to invest in Islamabad but foremost, Let’s have an overview of why it is profitable to invest in CDA sectors of Islamabad.

CDA plays a key role in Pakistan’s real estate affairs by planning and launching new sectors in Islamabad and maintaining uniformity in the development and planning of the Capital. According to CDA Ordinance 1960, it has the authority to administer Islamabad Capital Territory and is additionally liable for the implementation of the construction law, NOCs, and capital planning.CDA also coordinates with sources such as the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) to achieve harmony and consistency.

  • CDA holds better repute as compared to private developers

  • CDA sectors are part of the Islamabad master plan with advanced infrastructure.

  • Investment in CDA sectors is considered secure with no chance of fraud and encroachment.

  • The payments and transaction are with a government body

Islamabad has effectively progressed over the years. Photographs of  The aesthetic Village of Saidpur and lush green grass surrounded by mountains depict how Islamabad has strategically evolved over several years.  CDA played a pivotal role in the planning and development of the city.

While locations of most of the private societies are majorly around the surrounding of the capital city, CDA
sectors lie in central Islamabad which adds to the significance of investing in CDA sectors where all facilities are readily available for its residents.

Moreover, the rate of return is higher because the allocation is limited. Private schemes attract their clients to register and sell properties as needed. Typically, higher supply and falling demand would ultimately affect earnings.


As far as disadvantages are concerned, many of the projects under CDA are still pending since they take longer than estimated time to construct markets. The quality of development as compared to other residential societies such as Bahria Town and DHA is also low.

Hopefully, CDA will overcome these problems since new projects have also been announced. Meanwhile, let us take a look at the best CDA sectors to invest in Islamabad.

Sectors C-15 and C-16

Land acquisitions in these sectors are still ongoing and recently launched by CDA. The land division policy here is for owners to get 1 Kanal of the developed plot from 4 kanal of land.

These sectors are accessed from Margalla Avenue and are located near Moaza Kharbooza. Margalla Avenue begins at Sector D12 and leads to GT Road. Newly launched sectors can be accessed here.

It is advisable to invest in these Islamabad sectors after the development and construction have been done.

Sector E-12

Sector E-12 is located adjacent to one of the most developed sectors that is E-11.Since it is located near Golra Sharif Shrine, this sector often faces problems of encroachment and disturbance from Shrine areas. CDA has yet to take possession and begin development in the area. If you have a long term investment plan it will surely bring benefits because the location is ideal, expected profit is high and growth rate is expanded

Sector G-14

A part of this sector G-14/4 was established in 2004 by a government organization that builds a house for government employees known as FGEHF.

FGEHF has not sped up the last acquisition G-14/2 and G-14/1.G-14 is located on the main Srinagar Highway and has three sub-sectors that are developed and investment can be done there. G-14 offers plots in 4 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla and 1 kanal.

Sector I-11

This sector is located in main Islamabad and is still under development. As Afghan migrants used to live here so this area has intrusion issues that seem difficult for the authorities to evacuate. In addition, the average growth of the area is delayed and unsatisfactory.

However, the area has some key advantages for example,

  • The location is good for a long term investment opportunity

  • Expected profit is high and the financial threshold is relatively moderate.

Sector I-12

The I-12 sector of CDA has an excellent location. It is in the region around NUST Road. This connects I-11 and NUST University which makes the area high in demand and expensive. The price will skyrocket once it is in the developing phase since its work tender is expected soon.

Hence the key elements of sector I-12 are

  • The location is excellent

  • The monetary requirement is flexible

  • The profit margin should be higher

  • The growth rate is slowing down

  • There is investment potential in the medium term

Sector I-14

This progressed sector with a small number of houses under development consists of Riphah University and Haj Complex and is located near Golra Mor. This area is connected to Rawalpindi and then Islamabad. There are a sufficient number of houses but the streets are broken and their surroundings are in poor condition; there is a lot of room for improvement.
Due to chances of getting populated soon, this sector is good for a short term investment plan where you can expect returns within 5 years.

Sector I-15

This sector is currently underdeveloped but has been budgeted for growth for its location is excellent. This sector is to be established shortly and construction work will begin right after balloting of plots.

Sector I-16

This developing sector links with sector I-15 and I-16. communities such as Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (FOECHS) and CBR Phase 2 Islamabad surrounds this sector.

I-16 consists of ready-to-build residential plots ranging in size from 5 to 8 marlas. Plot prices for five marla plots range from 18 to 25 lacs, while eight marla plots cost between 25 and 35 lacs.

This sector is very far from the population. It will be a long time before the I-16 experiences a significant increase in value. It is very likely that large plots in I16 / 3 are reserved for factories

It will be a good choice for those who want to invest in Islamabad CDA plots at a low price.

CDA Islamabad, New Sectors Development

After decades of neglect, new sectors are developing.
The next CDA sectors to invest in are E12, C13, C1, C15, C16, H16, I17, F13, E13, D13, 112.
These were the best CDA sectors to invest in Islamabad. They will add nearly 23,000 newly developed land/housing units, according to CDA officials. This step will also relieve the middle and lower classes.