Have you been dreaming about building your own house? It does not have to stay just a dream. Alternatively, maybe, you already have decided that but do not know the important steps to building your own house. Either way, if you have enough funds, you can build your own home with just some simple but crucial steps.

How to build your own home?

The process to build your dream house is extensive. There are various things you need to consider and a number of steps towards building your own home. The entire process also takes a long time, even before the construction begins. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you steps to building your own house. You must follow the steps below in the same order.

Arrange Funds

The most crucial step to building your own house is to take enough funds for it. The timely arrangement of funds is essential. We advise you at least have 60% of the funds arranged beforehand. The map approval and other things can take up a few months, during which the plot’s prize might increase.

Furthermore, there are many other expenses when building your own house. It is better to have 90-100% funds ready before starting construction. That 100% funds can also become less over time due to the increased prices and other expenses.

Choose a location

The second most crucial step to building your own house is choosing the ideal location for your house. Make a list of essential factors you need while living in your home, like the closeness of transport, workplace, schools, hospitals, etc. Moreover, it would be best if you considered your future needs. After thorough thinking, choose the location that fits your criteria.

Some factors to take into consideration before selecting a location are;

  • The distance of your workplace from  the location

  • The distance of schools, hospitals/clinics, and supermarkets

  • The closeness of transport

  • The environment, cleanliness, and peacefulness of the area

  • The type of people that live their

You are going to live there for a long time, several years. Therefore, choose wisely.

Plot size

The size is also essential in the home building process. It depends on your needs and your budget. What is the size of your family? A big family requires more space than a smaller one. Moreover, you have to check what is your budget. You can only select the plot if its prize comes in your budget, along with its size. If your budget is low, look for properties with low rates or ones that take payment in instalments.

Possession and demarcation

When selecting a plot, you get the details of its dimensions and orientations, which you submit to the architect to get your house’s structure and layout drawings. However, by the time you revisit to submit the pictures, the plot size has already changed, meaning your map will not work on it.

Therefore, you will go back to the architect, and they will charge you extra. No arguments will change anything. One to two months go to waste along with the extra money as well. Therefore, before anything else, get possession and boundary of the plot.

Architectural and structural map

Congrats, now you own your very own plot! After securing your property, the next step is to get the structural map and the submission and working drawings separately from the architect. Now you need to submit the submission drawing and get them approved.

Approval of submission drawings

Now, the part where you have to get the submission drawing approved is tricky. More often than not, it takes a lot of time, even months, to get them approved. They make repeated objections in the drawings, so you will have to get new submission drawings repeatedly.

Your hustle, time, and money will go to waste. Therefore, hiring an agent is the only option and best option for you. If you hire an agent for this step, everything will go smoothly. Otherwise, you will have to go through multiple rounds of submissions to get them approved.

Choose the contractor and finalize the contract

For this step, list the reliable contractors in the area of your plot. It is best to have interviews with the contractors to have an idea of them. Then choose the most reliable one from them. Do not choose just any random contractor just because of their low prices. After selecting the final contractor, discuss your construction plans with them.

Now you just need to make a finalised construction plan and conclude your contract with the contractor. Build your contract thoroughly and gradually to have a well-defined contract. Then sign the contract with the contractor. After this, your house construction will begin!