7 Best Cost Effective Business Ideas in Pakistan

Are you brainstorming business ideas in Pakistan? Are you thinking, ‘What kind of business can I start in 2022’? or What business to start in 20k? Do you feel like you are investing too much of your effort and time with very little benefit in return? We all crave to invest our time and energy is invested in our career such that it helps us achieve financial stability, independence and a good lifestyle as soon as possible. With the job market being so bad and arduous many people in Pakistan try to establish their mark in doing business in Pakistan.

Now there is no way that we are implying that investing in a business is your sure shot way to success. Neither are we saying that your venture would make it to the list of Pakistan’s best businesses as soon as you begin. Pakistan has a very convoluted economy. Some of the businesses are booming by leaps and bounds while some despite all their struggle are unable to thrive the way they ought to due to corruption and unnecessary intrusion by the government. With covid-19 being so rampant and Pakistan being a third world country with its crippling economy becomes a hinder in the way of many businesses struggling to make it to the list of Pakistan’s best businesses.

Are you someone who wants to free him/herself from the shackles of a very taxing job where your future is uncertain and want to invest in a business?

In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the most rewarding and best business ideas in Pakistan especially for people who would be newbies to Pakistan’s business world.

Software and IT

This is not hidden from anyone how software is leading the world right now. Even for our everyday insignificant tasks, we are dependent on software. Be it ordering food or doing online shopping, setting an alarm on our phones or scheduling appointments with our doctor, the software is ruling the world right now. The most remarkable thing about considering the field of software as a business is that it takes little to no investment and the work nature could be entirely remote as well. This is the sort of business you could start from even the comfort of your bed. You just need to have a sound internet connection and a sturdy laptop. To commence on this business, download the right software to fetch projects online, hire a remote team, use the software to monitor your team’s work and progress. By the end of the month, your business shall enable you to generate a good income to fulfil your expenses and pay your team. This is the simplest way of embarking upon this amazing business idea for you. There are many other ways you could invest in this business. Undoubtedly software, IT and AI make it on top of the list of Pakistan’s best businesses.

  • Approximated Investment: 1 – 5 lacs (maximum)
  • Experience needed: It’s better to invest in this business if you are an IT or software professional. Otherwise, just take your time to learn how to use the software required to monitor the work of your team. Or even better! hire a manager who is aware of this field
  • Expertise: Basic knowledge is sufficient in the beginning till you learn it with time.
  • Profit: Starting from moderate, reaching up to a very high scale later.

Digital Marketing

Now, this is another business idea that is not only cost-effective but is also rewarding for the people devoting their time and labor into this business. Digital Marketing! Every common practice and aspect of our life has been digitalized in this day and age. We all are dependent on our smartphones and laptops for even the most basic tasks nowadays. Why not use all that energy on something productive? When it comes to earning or doing a business, digital marketing is the present and the future of the entire business industry. Among all of Pakistan’s best business ideas, this one requires little investment. You can pitch your services to organizations and eventually make a team for this. Every organization struggling or established in the business world require Digital Marketing to promote its business. This is where you and your team could offer their services for this business and that too by working remotely.

  • Approximated Investment: 1 – 5 lacs (maximum)
  • Experience needed: not necessary
  • Expertise: Very basic level would suffice
  • Profit: Starting from moderate, reaching up to a very high scale later.

Real Estate

Real estate from the beginning of the business world till this time has to be the most worthwhile business investment of all times. Especially when we talk about Pakistan. Undoubtedly real estate gets to be among the topmost categories when Pakistan’s best business industries are in question. Back in the day, real estate used to be an investment only for the rich. Nowadays the affiliates of the real estate business in Pakistan have created feasible and accommodating instalment based Payment plans. These convenient Payment plans by the business owners in Pakistan’s real estate business industry have made the investment in Pakistan’s best business and most thriving industry accessible to most people. Purchasing property and renting it out is probably the chiefest and most promising business idea. Many investors would rate it Pakistan’s best business idea.

Our readers must be wondering how to invest in Pakistan’s most thriving industry and not get scammed. Here’s a list of 100% legal housing societies offering tons of facilities with a luxurious living standard yet convenient payment plan.

The above mentioned real estate housing societies happen to be the most top-rated business industries among Pakistan’s best businesses. If you are looking to invest in this business then the above options would be the most promising ones for you.

  • Approximated Investment: 5 – 15 lacs (minimum)
  • Experience needed: Some experience in the field is a major plus point otherwise there is a margin of gradually learning with a thorough investment of time here.
  • Expertise: A good level of knowledge is required
  • Profit: Begins to pay off very well right in the beginning.


Now, this might come as a surprise but as per the stats, it is true. Even despite a deadly virus being on the loose, our Textile industry did not suffer at all. It is still one of the most sustainable business ideas in Pakistan. Our readers must be wondering the reason behind the textile industry getting to be among Pakistan’s most viable and best business industries. Despite the economy being debilitated, as per various surveys, the target market of these brands is the rolling elite that invests in shopping in a month three times more than an average man buys food. As much as this behavior is generally not appreciated by people belonging from different socio- economic classes, this is helping the textile industry sustain its name in of our most thriving business industries.

If you want to begin this business as well then there are various convenient ways to do that.

  • Invest in a boutique
  • If you are capable enough of creating art, then you call your hand-painted items through social media
  • Become a designer. Start with a small team including a tailor, a co-designer and someone social media specialist. Initially invest in models and a photographer. Sell your products online through social media.
  • Import clothes and sell them with a profit.
  • Approximated Investment: 2 lac (minimum) to 50 lacs or even more depending upon the scale of the business and the business model.
  • Experience needed: Some experience in the field is a major plus point otherwise there is a margin of gradually learning with a thorough investment of time here.
  • Expertise: A good level of knowledge is required
  • Profit: Pays moderately or less in the start but once the business is established, the pay is increased manifolds.


Many of our readers might not find the use of the term ‘academia’ enlisted among Pakistan’s best businesses or any idea that declares it a business. First of all, let us clarify that any practice in which a service is provided to the beneficiary in exchange for payment is a business. As many people might assume, calling academia a business would not harm its sanctity. A part of the traditional tutoring practices, now the business of academia has been digitalized like other businesses as well. Education is a compulsion and not a luxury, hence investing in this business is a necessity for everyone. Academia is that business that has the most investors globally hence even here in a developing country it is considered to be one of Pakistan’s best business ideas to invest in. There are many website and apps now offering remote education to their users and generation an enthralling capital for their business at convenient rates. For instance, Duolingo teaching its user’s various languages. People hire experts through fiverr, Upwork, Worktually etc for this purpose. In fact, even though these are freelancing websites available for any niche, but offering experts as teachers is where their business gets most profit from. We have educational websites like Coursera, YouTube channels etc too who’s business model thrives on the capital they get from imparting knowledge.

Anyone willing to make this business a proper channel of earning for themselves ought to hire a few teachers, pay a good developer to create and deploy either an app or website. Et Voila! A cost-effective way to make your business be one of Pakistan best businesses generating an amazing amount of revenue for you.

  • Approximated Investment: 1 – 5 lacs (maximum)
  • Experience needed: A good amount of experience is required
  • Expertise: Have to be an expert in the major they choose
  • Profit: Moderate pay off initially but progresses soon in less time.

Eateries & other food providers

For a long time, FoodPanda and Cheetay have been the undisputed kings of this business among Pakistan’s best business plans. However, now there are many similar brand names appearing in this business every other day. Another brand named FoodRunner appeared right during the Pandemic in the capital which gave healthy competition to FoodPanda and Cheetay.

Now the above-mentioned names are the big wigs of Pakistan’s best business industries. With the job market deteriorating, many people were encouraged to start food delivery services at their homes. Many people who lost their jobs during this time or needed a low investment well yet paying side business managed to cook eateries and deliver via Careem or Uber riders. This proved to be a very profitable business. Some businesses despite being home-based even established a very good brand name for themselves in this business. Basil Pantry and Healthy bites being 2 of the dominant examples here. These 2 businesses literally started off from an Instagram page and look at them now thriving more and more with every passing day.

  • Approximated Investment: 50k – 5 lacs (maximum)
  • Experience needed: Basic level
  • Expertise: You have to be a good cook hence expert in the field.
  • Profit: Begins to pay off moderately then excels soon.


Even during the Pandemic, the business which thrived the most has to be E- commerce stores. With people being cautious of the virus, most families preferred to shop online. Be it an everyday necessity like grocery or something luxurious as a designer dress, most people have resorted to online stores to do their shopping. People have become so used to the convenience offered by E-commerce businesses that despite the arrival of vaccines in the country, they prefer to shop online. Many existing businesses chose to change their entire business model to E- commerce, Airlift being one of those businesses. If initially you do not have the finance to invest in a full scale E-commerce app or website business then you can even start from an Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page initially.

  • Approximated Investment: 5 – 25 lacs (minimum)
  • Experience needed: Some experience in the field is a major plus point otherwise there is a margin of gradually learning with a thorough investment of time here.
  • Expertise: : A good level of knowledge is required
  • Profit: Begins to pay off very moderately in the beginning and then excels up to a great level soon.